Humble Potato Quest

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A gang of monsters have come down from the volcano and are terrorizing the local villages and farms! The king has put out a reward to any who would slay the monsters and stop their source! Being a former soldier and now a farmer, and close to the volcano, you decide to take to the offensive! Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables to grow stronger, so that's what you are going to do! You sow a field of potatoes and wait for the harvest....


- Battle tough monsters!
- Manage a successful farm!
- Harvest, sell, and eat various types of vegetables!
- Eat vegetables to grow stronger to take on bigger monsters!
- Sell your vegetables to quickly boost your stats, your farm, and stamina!
- Don't worry about harvesting at all! Upgrade your habit timer to harvest vegetables faster!

Click with the mouse to perform any action. Actions are displayed as grey buttons on the screen. You will also see two rows of different colored blocks. Whenever you click on any action, such as the Potato button under the Harvest header, the blue boxes will begin to disappear. You can only take another action after they've stopped disappearing and become full again.

You will also notice a row of green boxes. This represents your auto actions. You will automatically harvest any crops after all these boxes disappear. You will also see plus buttons. These increase the benefits of the thing they are next to. These are upgrades and require Gold. To get Gold, sell vegetables or kill monsters. Higher level vegetables give more benefit when eaten or sold.


I think I beat this game and "retired" in about 5 minutes, maybe 7. It would've been sooner if I had some direction on what to do.

Wasn't sure if it was a glitch that once I upgrade my stam/habit, the crops grew to the point where once I ate I became invincible, and selling gave me all the gold I needed first time.

I found a glitch where if you have too many crops when you enter a battle you die but I still like it

I really do like this game, and unlike some others I can read the Author's Comments.

-Actions YOU MANUALLY DO are what Stamina is for.
-Actions YOU AUTOMATICALLY DO are habit.
-Most buttons don't work because you either A: Don't have the money to use that option yet; or B: You've already used Stamina and need to wait for the bar to deplete and refill.
-Eating your veggies make you stronk, you need to be stronk to defeat baddies.
-You need Potatoes to kill monsters, so after you sell a few potatoes at the start of the game, don't sell/eat anymore potatoes, just save them. (some of the tougher monsters need upwards of 900 million potatoes to kill).
-Use the little "+" sign next to potatoes to plant more crops. Sell/eat these crops, instead of potatoes (after the initial sell I stated before).
-Once you get all veggies unlocked and planted, (I'm not sure if it's a bug or just manure) the next times you upgrade the veggies their production will increase exponentially (from a few hundred a habit to hundreds of thousands).
-Once unlocked, use fishing to heal yourself and potions to experiment with (need to have a specific potion to continue in the endgame).
-Remember to eat your veggies.
-The game's a bit like Idle Farmer, so in the endgame just wait a few minutes for your potato stockpile. Go for a walk, use the bathroom, pet a skunk, just do something that takes a few minutes to do. Then when you come back, you'll have enough potatoes to finish the game and retire.

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Trying to max harvest yeild, is there a max?

this is in serious need of a better tutorial, and i'm not sure if this was a glitch or not because i dont see others talking about it much, but it seemed like most of the buttons were entirely unresponsive, and i had no idea what i was doing.

this was literally nothing but some unexplained bars marked "stamina" and "habit" going down and resetting, while i occasionally was able to get a response (1 in 10 clicks) on the "harvest" button. Occasionally, I was able to click "eat" (even though i had extra potatoes the entire time) and my stats would go up, but there was no apparent use for the increase in stats, and clicking the "slime" button elicited no response.

I'm sorry, but i have to give this 0 stars. this isnt a game, and it's barely a sketch of a game concept. I'm not sure why you would release this, and if the game does actually function, then you have done an incredibly poor job of explaining the mechanics.

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Apr 12, 2014
1:30 AM EDT
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