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Notebook Space Wars 2

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More polished than ever!

-6 gamemodes

-13 levels

-funny and intriguing storyline

-12 diferent upgradable and customizable ships

-27 upgradable weapons

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Nice game!

Whenever I play a notebook wars game, all I can do is pick out it's flaws, until I realize that those same flaws (and everything else in the entire game) were in the last title. I'll list every problem I have with this game.

1) The hitbox on the player ship is partially outside of the ship, meaning you can be hit when you are not touching something. If a game has this problem I will almost always stop playing, even if it's considered a classic (like Xevious, I hate that game).
2) Every graphic, every enemy pattern, every upgrade, seemed to be in the last game, although maybe the new content is later in the game (which would still be a bad move, since it would turn off players looking for a new experience). This is hardly even feels like a new game, it would be more accurate to call it "notebook space wars level pack".
3) This commits one of the most awful crimes against gameplay: The game seems easy, when it is not. Almost every game I have ever enjoyed has seemed fast paced and difficult, while being slightly easier than it seems (this is why bullet hell games have minuscule hit-boxes, since it makes it seem like you have barely enough space to dodge). If the game was slightly faster, but had smaller bullet, it would soar in terms of pure gameplay.

Sorry if this seemed like a rant, but the game could be many times better, and it honestly feels like no effort, time, or "soul" was put into the game.

Solid gameplay. Weapon upgrades don't save when you reload the game. Also, ships should award more $ when you play harder versions of a level. And the game defaults to lightning bolts as the most powerful weapon, when homing missiles are far superior.


Great game with lots of interesting features, well done developers.

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2014
4:42 PM EDT