Ultimate Monster Mayhem

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Defend your base from the incoming monsters in this action-packed shooter game!

Arrow Keys or AWDS to move, move mouse to target.

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you need four level for the first weapon upgrade. -. -
for that i wonder why you can the robot live level up if he is anyway revived again and again.
unfortunately there is also no variety.
i like those games normally but with this I can not make friends.

This feels like a very soulless game. I think some work was put into it, but I very much doubt, for example, that the artist was informed, or cared, that his large, lumbering enemies were going to float gently down from the sky like pixies. It has the feel of something put together by a contract worker who had zero emotional attachment to the end result.

The upgrade system is angering, with some upgrades entirely useless. For example, you'll hardly ever jump in the game, and when you do, how high isn't all that important, you just want to dodge a bullet. But by god the designers want to make you pay for each pixel of extra height. On the other hand, the most powerful upgrades are entirely out of player control, as though the programmer was pissed off seeing us playing a game by ourselves, grabbed the second Nintendo controller and insisted on playing Mario to our Luigi.

The game is essentially a mass of little annoying problems adding up to No Fun. But if you were to fix ONE thing, please remember that the default option in a row of buttons is usually the last to the right. Putting your 'continue' button somewhere in the middle, and your 'quit' button at the end is pretty much guaranteeing that every player will, at least once, quit when they mean to continue. Considering that you've decided, for some insane reason, to save at the beginning of levels, after you click 'continue', rather than at the end, when the upgrade screen first comes up, this means that quitting makes you have to replay a level.

It's like you are actively trying to piss us off.

Not a very fun game
1.Enemy never changes
2.No story line
3.No new guns for you to use rather than the tesla, bomb, and missle factory

This game needs different types of monsters. You can not lose in this game. Shooting and dodging at the same time is difficult.

I played this through to the end. I'm pretty disappointed. There's no real story-line. The "enemy-type" changes are few and not really much different or inspired. The "difficulty" as the game progresses is just throw more of the same until eventually there's 700-800 of them coming at you at a ridiculous rate, while being able to take more damage. The upgrade set maxed out cannot possibly keep up with the last two levels of gameplay. While you can upgrade the base's health up to 4 times, there's no real way to repair it. There's no consequence to dying; if the robot dies, gameplay continues until he comes back, which is about a second or two. If the base is destroyed, the game prompts a "game over" window, at which if you continue, the level continues with your base restored to 10 health and the wave at the same amount of creatures that were left when you died.

This isn't about not being good at a game. This isn't really a hard game. This game becomes completely unbalanced out of your favor at the end, and it looks like this was known and just made up for by taking away all consequences for losing. And when you can't actually lose, it's no longer a game at all.

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1.58 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2014
6:02 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional