Escape from the Lab.

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Can you escape from The Lab with energy problem ? Hack the lab PC and repair the energy generator.


"Congrats, you dit it!"

The hardest puzzle of the game was using a comma in place of a decimal point. I know it's different by country, but there's probably other ways to compensate for that fact.

riki1eu responds:

But "comma" is predefined on the screen, so, you do not need to rewrite it .

I'll admit this game did cause me to think a little, and I also admit that I really suck at math. However without giving the complete answer away. The game needs to be fixed to accept a decimal point and not a comma for the final question.

riki1eu responds:

Yes, people (including children) should think and therefor I've done a few flash games, but I found that they do not want to think, so I stop too (to do a games:)

I have innumerable problems with this game. First and foremost are the incessant sound effects. Add a mute button.

Second, it looks like very little effort was out into the artwork. I understand that most escape games aren't known for brilliant graphics, but this just look phoned in. It's hard to enjoy a game if it doesn't, at the very least, look appealing.

The click detection barely seems to work which renders the game unplayable.

The puzzles are completely counter-intuitive and getting into the computer requires either guesswork or looking down in these comments.

This game is not fun. It needs a lot of work, but I honestly don't know if it's salvageable. It looks like some things have been cleaned up since my last attempt at it, but it is still has miles to go before it is a notable entry into this genre.

riki1eu responds:

Thanks for a long review.
The main problem is, that people are lazy thinking (and I am lazy to polishing my games). Solution of energy problem is here :


Another escape the location game. Nothing new or exciting.

If "kochanski" is written on the jacket, it's completely illegible. Everything but the blueprints is a red herring. The energy puzzle was only difficult at all because of faulty object detection, but you can just put the lid on the top half of the opening. The puzzle also has nothing to do with actual energy, it's just some odd psuedoscience. The repeating message is annoying as hell. The computer screen doesn't disappear after pushing the buttons to open the puzzle or exit. And having a trigonometry question as the "final puzzle" is possible the lamest thing I have seen in an escape game.

riki1eu responds:

Login kochanski is writen on the laborant coat (left pocket) , for solving the energy problem there is a one very easy and clever way, but you have to think a little bit.

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1.33 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2014
2:37 AM EDT
Adventure - Other