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Disney Lay Offs 2014

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Mickey has been tasked with laying people off Disney, so he starts with his old buddies first. No sooner is he finished than he finds out he's fired too.
This was inspired by last month's lay offs at Disney's interactive game division.

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wow, great movie, and with great story (based on real events).
i also liked the drawings and designs of the characters, they were great, and very well-done!
i also liked how all the characters reacted as they should (donald got depressed when he got fired, while goofy was feeling as if he just got promoted. lol)
nice work on that too.

the only problem in this was that it ended too shortly.
good movie, tho, you should do more like this, i loved it!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thank you. Your comments really made the rest of my day. I feel good now. Thanks. I slapped this on my 2D reel and am hoping to get some 2d animation job offers with it, so far it's mostly words, nothing tangible. But I liked the fact that you liked this, and I'm definitely going to do more of this sort of stuff, and make them longer too.

The voices are good, and the film is funny.

the sound of the vocals is fine. The lack of will in said vocals is NOT fine. Not enough appropriate presence. ;)

good luck on the rewrite. Looks good!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thanks a lot for your generous rating.

The animation is actually quite good but as others have mentioned you need a better microphone and also you need to make sure the music doesn't overpower the voices. Keep up the good work though!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thanks for bringing up the music. Because as you said it's not supposed to influence the picture. So I am going to change the music today.

The animation was pretty slick, but apart from that this was just sad.... and pointless. :/ Is Goofy not being totally depressed over the news a potential pun? And you'd think Donald wouldn't mind so much with all the time's hes been fired. Voice acting quality could be better though, don't think it's the actual voices (pretty good mimickery there) but the recording quality). Keep improving!


Frost-i-Rated responds:

Well it is a little pointless but Goofy is excited because he's just plain stupid. Also, the sadness is mostly due to the sad music. I can try something a little more hopeful or silly. Thanks for sharing. I definitely don't want this to look sad. At all.