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Raptor Walk Cycle short

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My first animation submission on the site please don't be to hard on it. This was a homework assignment i had in collage. I had to make a originally a walk cycle, mainly of a stick figure then have it stop It seemed boring so I did this instead.


The animation quality in general here is undoubtedly spectacular, effectively proving your potential to become a top animator on Newgrounds. I also really like the added humor involving this certain tophat dinosaur I'm not sure of.

So what's the deal with me giving one and a half stars here?! It mainly has to do with the fact that this is merely a walk cycle. I'm actively voting on submissions under judgement in the Flash Portal, and I tend to vote 0 on all walk cycles, tests, WIPs, and Flappy Bird clones regardless of how good they are.

I'm glad this passed though, now that I think about it. The raptor character in here looks like he could be appended finely into a larger project. Since anyone will be able to see this work now, maybe they'll agree that he's a finely done character!

One more thing about the walk cycle itself... the raptor's walking motion seems disproportionate with the environment. It seems with his legs thrusting him forward, he'd be going a lot faster than he actually appears to be based on the speed the background scrolls.

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CYB3R-FOX responds:

Thank you very much for the constructive criticism I agree it is simply just a walk cycle. Im just glad its being judged by it's quality and not by its lack of content. Again thank you!


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CYB3R-FOX responds:


The walking animtaion is pretty good, the plants in the background are a nice touch.
If this lasted longer then I could judge it better :)

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CYB3R-FOX responds:

I really appreciate your feed back Thanks for watching!

funny XD

CYB3R-FOX responds:

lol thanks!

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2.44 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2014
9:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Original