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Super Cunard Bros.

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loved it

Come on. This is not the place to upload this kind of junk. Come back when you have a complete game and not just something to test.

To judge it as a game:
Bad graphics
Bad sound
Bad controls
Bad everything

Is it over after first stage, or is it buggy?

Just to be nice I'll point out a bug for you. If you are standing next to a gravestone and jump you can't move right or left in the air.

Poorly designed game all around that seems like it needed way more time being created before it was uploaded onto here.

I like the concept of dying and leaving behind tombstones to traverse gaps in the level. Other than that, the rest of the game suffers.

Really simple level that doesn't offer much in terms of game play besides a basic pit to leap past and a dead end once get over the gap. The lack of any sort of progress really brings this game down, and the very poor audio also makes it double bad. It seems as if you pointed a microphone outside of your window and captured game audio.

Overall, I'd like to see this taken down, redesigned and made over to include more enemies, levels, better audio, and perhaps even an overhaul on the poor graphics.


its original but way too short only one level please make more and add a story