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The Exorcism of Donald Duck

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This is old, I'm uploading it now, as not long ago, I discovered the magic of file compression.
This was made at a point between "Gordon Freeman in The XXX" and "Anime Amigos 1" where I had just grasped how to animate things in a way that looked fluent. This should be something I'm really proud of, but it annoyed me too much in creation. I don't use symbols for lip sync, and you can imagine how much of a pain it was to lip sync Donald with his freakin' bill.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vd-BKd7TiM

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this is the funniest thing ive clicked today

A fantastic merging of my favorite movie and the corporate entity known as Disney. The only criticism I have is that the projectile vomit should have been green, but I'm just nitpicking because of my obsession with the source material.

Love it!

someone kill me i cant unsee that ever

this is what I come to newgrounds for. lol :)