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LELAND: The Last Stand

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CONTROLS: A- rockets, S-knife stab, Left/Right arrows move, Up Arrow JUMPS. Mouse/menu

if you see a butt, stab it for a surprise.

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The gameplay is not that good but the music is great! A decent effort nonetheless.

Of course some people don't get it.

Sorry for the no stars rating, but was this some kind of late April Fool's Joke?? The reason why I'm asking is that right after I start the game I randomly start walking left or right--usually right--and I'm not even touching the keys. Basically I just walk to the edge of the screen, by the escape bike, and just stand there until I die.

On the RARE event that I can actually CONTROL the character--I think I had control one time out of the 10 times I played it and once I moved him just a little to the right I lost control again--the hit detection is WAY off; I'm standing right in front of an enemy and hitting him with the knife and he finally dies only after shooting me 6 or 7 times.

Again, I'm sorry for the no stars rating but this game is just unplayable. And by the way I've played A LOT of games on NG and other sites and I NEVER had the aforementioned control issues I've had with this one.

Gameplay wise this isn't too great.

However as a former resident of San Francisco, this satire is very much needed. Anti-gun politicians who are themselves running guns. Too perfect!

Like most people, I found this to just be mediocre. It's nice to see new stuff from you. I guess it just got too repetitive, with you shooting and stabbing everyone. It would have worked better as a much longer game. Well, at least a game where it didn't take so long to get out of that single area. It is kind of funny to see this premise.

I think the satire actually works out pretty well. For some reason, it seems more like a game the creator of BEEBO would make. I guess not so much, because he wasn't even the inspiration. I was hoping I could get multiple secret coins. At least that guy doesn't shoot me.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2014
4:02 PM EDT