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Pokemon Towns

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Can you name all the towns from every Pokemon game? Play along at home!

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Well I haven't played pokemon in a LONG time so I can't tell the citys. But I do know that they are stretching the game... I guess imagination is infinite, but since they base a lot on actual animals, trying to be original ends up with more and more disturbing aliens in my opinion...
Meh, I don't care if they get French or anything as long as the story is understandable and enjoyable.

the creatures are starting to get so far away... But the concept lives.
"mon">> monster

If you want a real challenge. Try and guess how big there earth is to get all of those places! And still we need to include the fact they might still create future versions. 0.o

I leave you with this: First quiz of this kind I see in newgrounds and I find it interesting and refreshing. Also : Au moins ils n'ont pas changer la langue à chaque version!

--> What I wrote in French is : At least they don't change language at each version. (Imagine version , Arab towns, English, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and more... It will come one day, but if its 5 gens per switch then were safe for another 10 to 20 games till we hit less common languages.)

Whats pokemon?

GunBooster responds:


I intend to tell my kids one day that there were only 151 Pokemon and only three games.

XD you name 2 towns in gen 4 when you mentioned gen 3, but said nothing of them on the gen 4 part. for X/Y the concept, once you get past the AZ backstory and the french stuff, is actually pretty simple. Basically this is what's going on in Team Flare's head: You all suck, so we live and you die. That's pretty much it.

oh please, u can name more than that in G/S/C

Violet/Azalea/Goldenrod/Ecruteak/Olivine. then ther'es mohagony however u spell it. then the draogn place. black something.

but hey that shows u didn't pay the game at least 3-5 times for thenames to stick. g3 and beyond are names i rly can't remember tho. gen 4/5+ are okay tho.

i haven't playec x/Y cuz i dont own a freaking 3DS that my parents wud have bot for me cuz im busy saving money for imports as an anime /figure/dvd fan (and video games, lots of awesome sh* from import selection cuz the sellection of ps vita games in the US is pis poor)

but um yeah..french stuff. i dunno, as long as I know where to go even without remembering names (cuz im sure we all went thru that in later games) ill be just fine. and enjoying the pixel art of architectures and such. i mean Man this looks so awesome in 3D O_O

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Apr 3, 2014
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