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Fight your stock in the Arena and bring Glory to your land.

Game is work in progress - needs art and a few refinements.

Escape will exit to menu.
F1 will save the game

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needs alot more description of buttons, what's going on, etc.

I think you really have something here, and having read your post i know your aware of some issues. One problem I found that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that there is no way to obtain money except through winning, and here is the rub. I took the 1k loan and bought a gold fighter. Twice I tried to fight the only enemy combatant apparently in the arena (all other slots had popups saying no fighter in that slot), and lost both times. Something is severely out of balance.

I noticed at the bottom that once per tick each fighter randomly chooses an attack of defensive move. Perhaps you could give control here to the player? Let us decide the next move based on our analysis of the fight so far. This would give us much greater depth and strategy. Just a suggestion.

I like the concept, but the game is definitely in its very early stages. I hope to see it developed to its full potential. Good luck, and keep up the good work.


Mouse = move the cursor
Left Mouse Button = Click selection
Escape key = exit to menu at any time (NB you will lose all progress this is not a save feature)
F1 = Save game(when on the map screen)

Your aim is to beat 11 enemy ludis' in the game each with 5 gladiators.


Play = new game
Load = Load saved game
Exit = Exit the program

Area Select Screen

Arrows = Cycle the regions.
Tick = Select current region.

Main Map Screen

Shows your inventory.

Click on the desired location to interact:
The Ludis
The Bank
The Inn
The Slavers Market
The Armoury
The Pits
The Arena
The Casino

The Ludis

Here you can arrange a party or set your farmers to work, each action will bring rewards to your Ludis, you also have the option to sleep which ends the current day and progresses the day.

The Bank

Here you have the option to take a loan of 1000D, this can not be repeated until its been paid back, use wisely and repay when you can, its the last gasp action.

The Inn

This is the food market were you will need to buy the vital supplies, each time you sleep it will cost a daily running cost in food and drink.

meat x 1 or bread x 3 or oats x5
wine x 1 or water x 3

you need both food and drink to pass each day!.

The Slavers Market

Here you can purchase special slaves below is the descriptions.

Doctorii - 100D, he will inspire your fighter to have a second wind if his health gets to a vital stage.

Medicus - 500D, If your fighter falls in battle he will bring him back to full health.

Women - 10D, these are used for parties.

Farmers - 10D, these are used to farm.

???TBD - Spars, carts, coach.???

The Armoury

Here you can purchase fighting slaves

Bronze - 300D, low stats ok to begin with.
Silver - 400D, a more rounded fighter.
Gold - 500D, the best you can get but pricey.

The Pits

You throw your fighter to the lions, it costs 200D to enter your fighter, you will recieve 50D for every victory, should you beat the pits you will be rewarded greatly.
No special slave help allowed in the pits.

The Arena

The main progression for the game here you take on trained Gladiators in your quest for true prosperity, here is were your special slaves help you out.
Again it will cost 200D to enter your fighter but if victorious you will recieve the purse of 500D.

The Casino

Try your luck in 3 mini gambling games

Rat race - Pick a rat, if it wins so do you.
Coin toss - match 3 coin faces and win.
Dice - Score 8,9 or 10 with the 3 die and win.

Game is unfinished as yet graphics and sound need a lot of work, the battle engine needs refinement also.

Love the idea, just that you cant see what you are clicking... there is no explanation with either of the buttons... So I end up spending money on things I dont need.

I cant see myself spending too much time on the current version of this game but with a bit of music, i think it would be great. I had fun testing this out.

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2.90 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2014
11:01 AM EDT
Strategy - Other