Logical puzzle.

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Logical puzzle. Take the time and assemble these puzzles.


Font is hard to read and the graphics are not good. This game feels unfinished and rushed.

Well, the background music and the basic idea is pretty good.

However, it's very bad realized. First off, the rotations are way to slow. It's just tedious to turn them. The win detection is extremely bad. Is there any at all? I made the T and the hexagon, but nothing told me "you're a winner".

Two features you should consider is to snap edges and to rotate in bigger step. On first stage 8 would be enough.

Add win detection or improve it if it exists. This is not optional.

Apart from that, the graphics really sucks. The colours are very unpleasant. The text that says "Assemble a square from this triangle ..." almost burns my eyes. The fonts are ugly and in a terrible mix. It's also a bad thing that the timer only updates on clicks.

Once a piece got stuck to the mouse. I had to right click to release it.

I'm sorry. This could have been a 3, or maybe even (with heaps of improvements) a 4, but at the moment it's simply not enjoyable.

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riki1eu responds:

OK, thanks for long review. I made some changes (colors, font and speed of rotation) .

The win detection, it is a big problem, sorry, I made it in one my escape game "Escape from the pharaos tomb", it will be here next days.

I really didn't enjoy this. The colours are really not good on the eye, and the font is difficult to read and unnecessary. i didn't think there was enough motivation to complete the game, or even to spend a small amount of time trying to get to the next level. 0/5, sorry.

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Idea is ok, but the controls are very awkward: especially rotation with the keys is awkward and way too slow, and flipping should be clarified: flipping with respect to which axis? absolute or relative to the orientation of the piece?

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riki1eu responds:

Imagine that you had it cut from a paper, and then the flipping is flipping, not interesting which axis.

Not for me sorry, the text font needs changing and when i try to place a block/triangle it wont drop.

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2.01 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2014
12:46 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other