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Boomerang- AMV

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Song by Armon Pakdel
Album: Brain Mountain

Animated and Directed by Emily Youcis

Message Emily Youcis if you want a music video done!!

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I wish I could see her animation process I want to learn how to do those colourful effects and flashy stuff

emily-youcis responds:

Im going to be doing google hangout livestreams for my Movie, if you donate a mere 5$ or more to my patreon, you can watch and talk to me too! patreon.com/emily-youcis

I wonder where the boomerang hit zone, which hole? great song awesome artwork

This is fantastic. Love the parody of Miley as a marionette and Robin as Beetlejuice. Came across this on Youtube first. Must have been appropriated by some random unrelated account or something because I didn't see any other work by Emily on it.
I definitely have an eye on Emily's updates now. Would love to see more videos like this.

have all da pizzah! amazing animations n visuals.. u so improved!!!

Do I see pimp Alfred?
GJ with the animation - getting better and better!
Stay (in)sane and f*ck you!