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Coin Grabber

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Author Comments


V1.8.4.2 (Medium Update! Simple chat system! Updated brick texture!)

Todo List:
More multiplayer features
Better chat
Better graphics/Animations

Better sound

Use A and D to move, spacebar to jump.
Spacebar and S to go down.
Use ESC to bring up the chat menu.
You could also use the arrows and chat symbol with a touchscreen

Coin grabber was my test game that turned into an actual game! I'll still updates this, so don't worry about bugs. If you see any please tell me! :D

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1 Star.

Starting from 3 stars:
-1 for crappy graphics
2 stars
-1 for wierd movement
1 star
-1 for no medals (what's the point without em?)
0 stars
+1/2 for time put into programming
1/2 stars
+1/2 star for music that's repetitive
1 star (work on it!)

okay. i goota tell you that i am a big fan of pixel games i and i really like pixelazed graphics. but this is just horrible. i mean dont mix pixels with real world objects its distracting.

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

I'm sorry. The graphics will be improved.

That's pretty boring, you don' have any intro, anything else than the game itself ...

And the game ... Poor graphics (maybe it's on purpose, my bad if so), poor gameplay (nothing more than jumping, really ?) you should add a way to slow down opponent, like a punch, or something ...

And when does it end, you don't have any reward for getting more coins ... You should at least put an achievement for getting 50, or 100 i don't know ^^

Basicly needs work.

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

Yeah, I tried to make an intro but that didn't work out :-/. Still making it so don't worry!
Yeah don't even tell me about the graphics... I'm terrible :P. More multiplayer features are on the way!

Achiements are being worked on, oh man so many and cool achievements :O. I can't wait!
Yeah it really needs some work. But with the help of you guys and some time, it'll be a cool game :)

The difficulty 3 is not impossible but very difficult...i had 117 before someone talk to me :/
You can improve it pretty easily...like by adding some upgrage (run faster, jump higher...) or by adding level by an objectif or both ^^. Well, a lot of thing can be made with that....
It's sure that the graphics are...well i thing i don't have to say it :P
but one thing can be made to help you, reduce the height of the guy and reduce the other thing to go with it...it will probably help you.
So...a lot of changing you have to do to make it good ;)

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

Yeah, I made it a bit easier. My highscore is 173 :D. Upgrades are on the todolist. Maybe a combo system.
Yeah the graphics are a little bit wierd (okay maybe not a little), and my walking animation sucks XD.
I'm trying to improve them so, let's hope for the best :P.

Achievement"s" don't work, multiplayer doesn't work, you're pretty much incapable of getting a coin on the other side of the screen from difficulty 2 on.
Graphics are ridiculous.
You obviously didn't beta test this, since you called it a test game that has been made into an "actual game".
I just don't see a reason for a star here. You get half a star for half a test.

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

The multiplayer was a little bug sorry about that. Achievents are doing a bit wierd.
It's actually pretty easy to get 30 coins! You just have to practice. Difficulty 3 is impossible.*
Sorry about the graphics, I'm not the best graphics designer.

I did beta test this! It was first a test game for the samsung galaxy mini. After that I added multiplayer and uploaded it to facebook. https://apps.facebook.com/coin_grabber/

I will improve the game. If you don't like it now, sorry.

Ps. Thx (No really, I mean it)

* EDIT: Not anymore.