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Mandanga Levels

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Mandanga is 25 levels of kicking fury, Bust into the castle find Broc and Kick him in the Head
2D platformer you thought it was easy before, but try it now!


Well, it looks pretty good and the music is ok.

But it just feels silly that you can kick constantly by just holding the kick button. Furthermore, the camera makes me wanna vomit. There's nothing smooth about it. This does not feel like a complete game and it's no fun to play it at all. If you fixed the camera and the kicks it could have a chance.

BandyBadger responds:

my camera movement makes you want to vomit huh, any suggestions ,

Pretty easy when you just hold the kick button down the whole time.

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BandyBadger responds:

such as life

fun not much to say i mean who doesnt want to kick in dorrs?

BandyBadger responds:

word thats my sentiment exactly I had turned it down to 27fps and so its up a 30fps smoother

The controls are wonky, the character moves fast enough to cause screen to blur, and the hit detection makes it so sometimes I take damage from attacking things. Additionally locked doors are pointless because keys are hilariously abundant anyways.

1 star because it's technically beatable.

BandyBadger responds:

and if you press v and reset levels you can collect keys abundly, the blue fireballz are more difficult you have to kick them but not fly direclty into them

This is not too original but it is actually pretty fun

BandyBadger responds:

thank you

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1.99 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2014
2:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop