Bupsy Episode 21

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After the train crashed, Marine scoured the wreckage in search for Rocko, but to no avail. When everything seemed its bleakest, a voice echoed from the river, calling out to Marine.

Could Rocko still be alive?

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I like it. Although throwing ponies in there while all the other animal characters are anthropomorphic is kind of annoying.

Alimon-Genesis responds:

Asides from humans, all manner of creatures have unique forms. They can alter their appearance through shape-shifting magic. Humanoids are favoured due to their adaptability. However, shape-shifting is a tricky process and not without its own dangers. One lapse in concentration and your body will collapse into a ball shaped being (ie. Balliens, Maggie, Rocko, etc.). That being said, it is possible for sages (or other high level sorcerers) to provide outside assistance, but that can only go so far (ie. Marine). The only person to shape-shift yourself completely is yourself. With this fundamental rule established, most people wont change their bodies completely because they want to keep some level of their own identity (ie. Kasumi, Sam, etc.).

Not only does this movie SUCK, it BLOWS THE ROOF OF FLASH SENSIBILITY! Rocko was human before the train incident, and afterwards he was an actual ROCK?! FTW???!!!

Alimon-Genesis responds:

The only person lacking sensibility is you. Rocko was never depicted as a human in any of my previous works. He has always been a Rock Spirit. And, yes, this is very much For The Win.

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Mar 30, 2014
8:03 AM EDT