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Epic City Builder 2: AE

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Epic City Builder 4 now on Steam and itch


The Advanced Edition of Epic City Builder 2. Full version. 100% free.

A sim city like game for flash.

Epic City Builder 2: Advanced Edition

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To all people who have the problem of declining population (READ THIS) all you need to do is add more power plants, then you're population should start rising again

The game is very fun but I don't know if it's a bug or I just made something wrong, suddenly the population of my city decreased to zero and kept going down to negative... '-'

this game has kept me entertained for a 20 set of minutes I would recommend better graphics & more buildings produce revenue

Old school Sim City in this flash game. Still fun and enjoyable.

I liked this game. Reminds me of Sim City from 20 years ago. Now it's a free Flash game.

Good selection of buildings and well balanced. It REALLY needs another zoom OUT level or two. My city is a mere 20,000 and already I'm scrolling around way too much. Some buildings to combat pollution like Parks or Recycling centers would be a good addition as well.

One odd thing was the game would go back to the main screen and show advertisements every 10 minutes or something. That should be removed.