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Mother nature has to clean the planet of all the baby zoombies spreading and multiplying themeselves all around the world. Help Evika killing them all to be able to find the last man on earth. Then repopulate the planet :p

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Pros: Really pretty game, intense music and cool vibes.
Cons: You seriously need to address the foreground art. It gets all in the way of the action. In game design, form follows function. Also the controls could use a little refining.

Nice graphics, but those trees in the front DO get in the way.

wouldnt be too hard if it wernt for all the fore ground images getting in the way of monsters/bullets

this game is trippy. and I mean that in the very best way. :)

I really want to like this game.

-It has potential.
-The music is great.
-Where are the INSTRUCTIONS?
-Once I get the wings, I can do stuff, but are there other things once the wing time runs out, or do I have to die at that point?
-If I'm defenseless and I have to die once the wings run out, then that's annoying. I should be able to do SOMETHING once the wings run out.
-The graphics are great, but the foreground stuff blocks the view of my character and causes me to get hit and hurt needlessly, which is annoying. It also blocks the view of powerups.
-Are there life powerups?

Please, please, please fix these things, cuz this could be a great game!

kin4n responds:

Hi :) It s an oldstyle shooter Gameplay, you have to understand the patterns to otimize you survival, in next coming update, you will have life power ups and the ability to save 1 wing on the side; in cqse of you really hqve no chance to survive;

Thank you for your comments and your advices, it means a lot :) The foreground is here to annoy you and to force you to asses the trajectory of the upcoming bullets; and I don t want to spoil the level 2, but it s definitely harder lol.