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This is an animation I made a little over a year ago now - I was commissioned to make a commercial for Doritos. It was entered in this contest to be shown at the Super Bowl, but it never really stood a chance because they just wanted live action ads with talking animals and babies. It's still my proudest achievement from a technical standpoint to date. Hopefully I can top that this year. This was animated entirely by hand with pencil drawings, which were each scanned and colored in Photoshop.

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A very good commercial. You really don't see advertisements like these anymore. A bit disgusting, yeah, but I still cannot beleive the people who ran the Superbowl's commercial department rejected this. I love this!

Super nice! This makes me wish MTV still made Liquid Television, where stuff like this ran all the time -- too bad that ship has sailed. Still great work on your part. Your commercial does give me a more favorable opinion of Doritos and their coolness, moreso then their other recent commercials, whatever they were, since I can't seem to remember any of them.

the animation was good but the coloring and characters themselves just look awkward and bad. as far as the comercial itself goes, they had one that was pretty much exactly this but with CGI lizards like 7 years ago.

This was great! I love the smoothness of the animation, everything flowed very nicely and had a proper amount of weight to it.
I wish more advertisements were like this.

nice! your work will continue to get better! this is really cool, and i woulda much rather seen this ad then a frickin kid riding a dog... like what? This woulda been a much better ad, maybe someone will see the potential and send you out a request... Best of luck!