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Pokémon - Now Turn Based

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What if the pokémon anime, had turn based battles?
Things could get complicated.

Animated by:

Voices by:
Markiplier as Ash

MrEvolvf as Charmander

Special Thanks:

Hope you guys enjoy it :D

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really well animated! made me laugh to :)

lol! pokemon anime should make the trainers suffer to while battling. hahaha.

i love it

Lixian responds:

Thanks ;)

I always thought they should step up Pokémon games with mechanic similar to Metroid prime hunter. Get the skills in a 3D lane witch emphasise the skills AND stats. So its on trainers and Pokémon that decide victors instead of just playing your cards right and gamble shots. Although it would make it a lot more complex and stressful.

It would be so much better! But its just gone be hard as hell compressing and doing the work for a minimum of 357 Pokémon to make one game. Maybe more, maybe less. Still its better then new weird Pokémon and is a bit more fresh and close to the actual series then the casual game.

I just love it when people point out more of those weird in game logic. (again with the betting or beating up the people to get the money in Pokémon and stuff)

Lixian responds:

haha, yeah, that would be a LOT of work
Thank you ;)

Wasn't bad. The joke is well developed.

Lixian responds:

Thanks ;)