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Castle Keeper

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You're the last surviving sorcerer's apprentice of Sorth, the Dark Lord of Castle CantSayTheNameOrIHaveToDie. Whilst cleaning the library, you dropped the "Dark Grimoires of Sorth" to the ground and all banished creatures could escape. Now it's on you to clean up the mess.

Make your way through the castle and look for all escaped creatures and push them to their pentagrams to ban them back into the Dark Grimoires of Sorth.


Use the cursor keys and the space bar to select and push the creatures around and solve more then 50 puzzles. It might look easy first, but will twist your mind in later stages. Every creature has to be pushed to the pentagram of their color, and press space to release it and ban it into the book "Dark Grimoires of Sorth".

The first stage, The Village, introduces you to the game play and how to solve the puzzles, i.e. how to move around and finding the right order. Collect hearts (gives you extra lives) and potions (avoid dying on deadly skulls) in later levels and pick up the clock if you're running out of time.

TIP: From time to time, you might need help from other creatures to solve the puzzle. You can even awake already banned creatures if you need them.

With every next stage, the game introduces up to seven new creature types and obstacles like arrows (redirect your creature in a given way), bumpers (pushes the creature back), portals ("teleports" the creature of that color between portals), blocker stones (can be only removed by creatures of that color), keys ("unlocks" a locked pentagram of that color) and deadly skulls that kill your creature (this will cost you a life if you don't have collected the potions and pushes the creature back to start).

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Pretty good overall! The graphics and sounds are nicely done, and the musical track certainly adds to the somewhat mystical atmosphere of the game. However, the game's plot, although having a concrete conflict and goal, just seems somewhat obscure. Perhaps fleshing out the backstory or giving more information on these dragon creatures could help to further captivate the player as they play the game.

The gameplay itself has a few minor issues, the most agitating of which is the lack of a pause button. Also, as the previous reviewer stated, it can be tedious to exit to the level select screen to find that your progress has been erased. Finally, now I am just nitpicking, but I think those are hexagrams, not pentagrams.

This game could use a few alterations, but it is still a rather decent game with nice sound effects and visuals.

dripple responds:

Thanks for your feedback, CrocaDino. I really appreciate it. I updated the game description and I would like to agree on the fact that the story telling could be more detailed. I will think of reworking it in a way that it might give some introductionary scenes / cut scenes? (A game is never finished, I think)

As the game is about solving a puzzle in time, I struggle with a pause button. But on the other hand, you're right. I could simply darken the screen / covering the puzzle to allow a pause from the game play without "cheating" :)

With every stage, the puzzles get more complicated, but the stages also get "shorter". So if you pass all rooms in a stage (you solved the stage), it acts as a save point. Maybe I should add the information somewhere on the screen what your position in that stage ist (i.e. room 8 of 12 or 4 of 5)?

It's idiotic that leaving to go back to the level select screen loses all of your progress. And what the hell do the bottles do?

dripple responds:

The potions are needed in later levels. Thanks for your response, I added this to the game description.

If you do not finish a stage, i.e. running out of time and / or all lives lost, you have to start from the beginning of that stage. That's one of the challenges.