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This is another very old cartoon.

Back in 2010, Weebl was holding auditions to find a new animator. This is the song we were given as a test of sorts. He ended up picking Sexual Lobster, but I still kind of like how this turned out.

There is a longcat gag in here that was already about 4 years outdated when I made this, LOL.


heh i enjoyed this but i felt a different track could have fit the video better, the C&C style audio track doesn't suit ti all that well. also as a note rats can climb up through your toilet so if you live in a rat invested city keep the lid down.

I am obsessed with this! I honestly watch it at least daily and have the tune stuck n my head. I adore the long stretched neck of the cat swirling in the loo. Just really captivated me. Thank you for this wonderful animation.

I am trying not to laugh too loud. I failed. The song is very catchy. Animation is pretty awesome too!!

Haha! Thanks for sharing this! I like this version better! I think, it has more much character, than the version by Weebl's Stuff, I found on Youtube. Nice!

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Guys, insulting the song is just insulting the Weebl. RWappin didn't make the song, so don't rate him down for it.

Where is Sexual Lobster's version? I can't find it anywhere.

RWappin responds:

Yeah, it doesn't look like his version is on Newgrounds. Just type "cats in your lavatory" on YouTube and it should be the first thing that comes up.

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Mar 24, 2014
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