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Ultra Mega Shooter Dude

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Robots have attacked your city, and it is up to you to put a stop to them. Use your impractically over sized guns to destroy the robots, and take down their boss before it's too late.

-Update: Added difficulty levels, Old difficulty is now Hard, Easy mode reduces enemy health by half.

This is my entry for the Stencyl Jam 2014. Originally, I planned on there being a wider variety of enemies and more levels, but my wrist has gotten too sore to make more before the deadline. So, instead of making poor quality enemies or getting overly repetitive I figured a shorter game would work better.

The music used in this game was released to Public Domain by Stratkat on Commonly.cc

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There is no reason for a game to be this derivative in 2014. There is nothing unique or particularly enjoyable about it. It looks dated, there's no real motivation to play, and it feels sloppy. There are significantly better versions of this game out there.

Galdon responds:

If the game appears derivative of anything, that is completely accidental. The only thing I modeled the game after was the Run 'n Gun genre, not a specific game. If you could give specifics on what is bad, rather than just that you feel it is bad that would be much more helpful for me to improve this game and future games.

Is it 1998?

Galdon responds:

I hope not! That would mean my time machine is on the fritz again.

good game, and good visuals, but its VERY hard to dodge the bullets, or to kill the bad robots.
it takes 10 hits for em to kill an enemy robot, while the enemies can kill my guy in 4 hits.
maybe add some difficulty settings, or make the main character a bit harder to hit, and the enemies slightly easier to hit/or tot ake less hits to kill them.

other than that, a good game.

Galdon responds:

Thanks, I'll try to work on adding difficulty levels. Not sure why I didn't think of doing that before..

not bad at all but its realy hard to doge the bullets