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Alesia's Puzzle

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Author Comments

'Z' to proceed with dialogs.
'X' to fast forward dialogs.
'M' to switch music on/off
Use keyboard and mouse as directed by Madam Cypress.

Different puzzle simulations, each with its own logic. Try solve them all to face the last puzzle.
The best puzzle game you will ever play.

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what's with the magicka gear?....

alot of reading involved i kinda just wanted to play the game

Cute puzzle game. Mth S, if you answered anything other than 1000 kyos on the final question, then you did it wrong and you're dumber than me. I answered 1000 and it accepted my answer on the first try. Don't worry though. Everyone else is dumber than me. Nah nah. The loss was therefore the value of the counterfeit note. Obviously. You'd have broken even if it was real. What, did you answer 1600? Only if your neighbor charged you 600 interest on the 600 you borrowed and failed to pay back! And there would have been NO SOLUTION if you only had one flower to pick. You'd just keep piling flowers on each side, never able to get simultaneously rid yourself of all your flowers and make the 2 sides equal. It's like trying to add a bunch of multiples of 3 together to get a power of 2. Can't do it. Much easier to pick 3 flowers and then 7 flowers.

A mensa game book reject is the greatest book ever written? Bah. But it was a worthwhile game.

Nice little puzze collection for what it is, pretty cerebral, including some classic logical problems from centuries ago. The graphics look like they could be in an RPG Maker game, but that's not bad, in fact, they look pretty cute. I wonder why there's no music, though, is that just a glitch, or did you really not include any music?

I like how each different mini-game requires a completely different way of thinking, and the puzzles are never overwhelming in complexity, making this a puzzle game that's not frustrating, but is pretty cerebral at times, and loads of fun. I only felt the game was a bit too easy, maybe you could pick some harder puzzles to build a sequel if there's ever one. Also, it'd be cool if the frog puzzle had an "undo" button, so I don't have to start it all over whenever I make a mistake.

There's also too much text to explain each level, and that's a bit annoying, because it often includes an entire backstory before the explanation, which you can't skip. If only you could skip straight to a diagram with the instructions it'd be a lot better.

The story is okay, it's not very impacting, but I like that it tries to be involving. The lack of music kind of kills it, though.

Also, the game's unfortunately too short. I wish it was at least a bit longer.

siddharth93 responds:

It got music.
As for more difficult puzzles and a sequel, I had tougher puzzles in mind, and a sequel "Cypress's Puzzles" but that may no longer be possible any time soon, since I am moving to a new project.
I had to tone down the puzzles so that every one could complete the game.

"The best puzzle game you will ever play." No, it's not.
"Different puzzle simulations, each with its own logic." No, because there are two frogs levels and two flowers-and-diamonds levels. Plus, these two levels can be done very easily. A real mindf*ck would have been adding "you only have one flower to pick" in the rules.
Finally, I did not get the last question wrong, and I am actually quite sad that I would have to do the entire thing a second time before being able to try another answer to the final question, without being able to just skip dialogs.
Nice game, but not "the best puzzle game I will ever play". I mean, come on, dude.

siddharth93 responds:

"The best puzzle game you will ever play.", that's called developing interest and is a matter of opinion :)
Sorry, I had no intention of fing anyone's mind, these are meant to be pleasant and fun like animes are.
Yeah there are two frog puzzles and two flower diamond puzzles but having two of a kind doesn't make it none.

If you did not get the last question wrong, why do you wanna try another option? Did you get it right by a guess?

As for me, I find these kinds of puzzles fun compared to cutting ropes or tilting screens to get a ball into some hole. Sorry it did not meet your expectations.