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Anime Amigos 1: Miku-Chan

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the first in a series of two episodes...maybe three if I think of another idea.
Just realized, someone will ACTUALLY get offended by this.
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-LhEX7ZxvE

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That' some ren & stimpy shit! well done man, I can't even begin to fathom how long it must have taken you to make all the backgrounds and even though the punchline advertises itself so... let's say prominently... you're never ready for it when it finally hits.

Hilarious. Loved the animation voice acting and the part with the girl was hilarious.

I accidentally gave this a shitty score of 2 on the rating scale because my mouse had the technological equivalent of a fart, so I need to make this one to even it out. I don't like leaving that kind of thing behind instead of fixing it, if it's a nice work. My apologies.
Now, for the actual review:
Like the episodes after this one, you accurately portray how the typical lion necked weeb acts in every day life; getting hard over a fictional holographic girl with toothpaste hair- in public. From my experience with people like our protagonist and his pal, this is almost terrifyingly accurate, except they might even be dressing up LIKE Hatsune Miku, and waving the leek lights they give out at the Vocaloid concerts like a madman. The only thing that could've made it better is if people in the crowd (actual japanese folk) noticed how the protagonist and his buddy were acting, and were giving them the death stare as a result, or backing away in disgust and they were fairly isolated, erections and all, from the crowd, eyes fixated on Miku. But the terrified look from the little girl is probably how i'd react, too.
Miku herself is a little stiff in the beginning with the animation, but gradually it improves in terms of fluidness. The line thickness clashes a bit with the colors, too.
Overall, humor was pretty darn nice (the bit at the end wrapped it up nicely), lines were a bit thick and some of the animation was somewhat stiff, but this WAS the first episode.
Good job, over all!

The face of the girl jajajaja awesone XP