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Drop Off

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High Scores

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Author Comments

Drop off is a challenging game where you have to pass the ball through the holes in the bars to earn points and gold.

With gold you can buy new balls and bars.


Keyboard arrows (Left and right) - Move Ball
P - Pause/Unpause Game

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The medals are currently not working.

That 10,000 points medal really is impossible! Would be fun with some more medals to celebrate smaller victories, like a thouisand or five thousand points? It's a bit odd how the one score-related medal has only been obtained by one person. :) Upgrades were fun and added some variation, but I was half-expecting them to be accompanied with features. Like, each upgraded ball would make them easier to maneuver; make that 10k score easier to obtain... that would've been fun! It's a simple game though, graphically and functionally well-made, but it gets a bit monotone in the long run. I played the game first when the gold was slower... glad I didn't collect all the upgrades then, this feels much more balanced. Nice work!


ErLuiSS responds:

im working on a new version with effect on balls :)

very nice game..great job !

this is cool

Do you get 26 points after the First Bar or does it vary?
nice job Though

ErLuiSS responds:

score is obtained if it goes through the hole in the bars , if you stay more time in the hole more score obtained.

How are you supposed to get 10,000 score points ?
but great game !

ErLuiSS responds:

i cant :D is hard ^^