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Dark's Return Episode 3

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Ugh finally episode 3 is here, sorry this took so long to upload a few reasons for that. One, was either too lazy or busy with other things, two, lack of FIM sprites held this off for a while until I got/found a few, that's about it. XD

In this episode Sonic and Shadow teams up with Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle to fight Dark who appeared at the end of episode 2, and dear Celestia the battle...at first I wanted each character to have their own HP/SP bars but I could not code it where when their HP hits zero, they go to their lost frame while the others still fought.

So that forced me to fuse all 4 HP/SP bars into one, that aside hope I got the battle down pretty well and hope you guys enjoy the animation. Swear from now on all future animations will start out as a script so when I animate, it doesn't take forever for me to decide what happens next. Also tomorrow may start converting this for a youtube upload.


Here's my Patreon page if anyone would like to support me and help speed up the process these things take to make.

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I'm a brony and all but this game is 20% cooler

It means Awesome 10/10

Awesome again, Luna's text was hard to read, and as if Luna would turn to that heartless


Battle: +2
Grammar: -0.5
(assuming you)Stole(n) that intro song from its sorce AND ffsx eps:6: -3
Overall: +2

Total: 1.5 stars

When is the next one

I am just waiting for episode 4. I completed all 3. So i am just waiting for continue.