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Author Comments

In this sliding puzzle game 2048, you need to combine two tiles with the same number. Try to create a tile with the number 2048! Use your arrow keys to move the tiles.

Fixed v.1.1.0 :
*Highscore board
*Lose check when the grid already full

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couple of things:
give more credit to the original author of this game, it's only small in the lower right corner of the start screen, it definately deserves a larger mention, as it's mostly the same, the only thing you added were some distracting graphics and sounds and shameless self-promotion
this version isn't as good as the original, as sometimes it joins more than 1 pair in a row (e.g. if you have 2-2-4 lines up, and you move sideways, sometimes, it happens that the 2-2 merge into a 4, and that newly fomred 4 emediately joins with the other 4 creating an 8), not only is it annoying that this happens, it doesn't happen everytime, so it's not something you can count on either.
then the scoreboard, it doesn't seem to work, or it only records when you reach the 2048 tile, but if that's the case, I don't see much use in the scorebaord, as the scores you can get are in a somewhat limited range, and are largely based on luck, not skill (it takes skill to get to 2048, but the score you get is just based on how high you've been able to get the other tiles before merging the 1024's into a 2048.
Perhaps you should add a timer, because the time it takes to reach 2048 might be something to compete on, but the score is not so much.
since I feel this is just a bad copy with added defect functions, I don't think it deserves any stars at the moment, if you'd be able to make a proper version where you properly attribute the original author, and where all functionality works as it should, I might consider rating it.

Falcoz responds:

Thanks for pointing out the errors, we have fixed these issues in the new version. We have asked permission to make a copy of 2048. Time is visible when you're game over.

Very good unique game, theres nothing to make it better

I played countless versions of 2048, and I find that one is pretty good. Good choice for the color pattern, it makes the game enjoyable.