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BFGB Episode 2

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After a long wait, episode 2 is finally out.

New Maltron does battle against his sworn enemies, meanwhile our 'heroes' formulate a plan, at least to the best of their ability.

A special thanks to the voice actors who contributed to this project, more episodes to come in the future, hopefully the wait will not be as long. :)

EDIT: FRONT PAGE and over 1K views in just a day!!!! Thank you guys so much, this is amazing.

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Excellent animation and production! The line art on the robots does look a tad stark, maybe some the video blur effect was used a bit much early on... can't think of anything else to criticize! VA's were spot-on, as well as the audio. Action and dialog are perfectly weighted, clever and utterly compelling!

Best of luck in continuing this tightly packed epic!

"Yes? Question from..."
"Journalist. Kingston Guardian."
"And your name?"

Not sure why the first couple of reviews were so harsh on this animation, I'm digging it.
The mash-up of action, social commentary, and ridiculous humor is clever and entertaining.
This is the first animations of yours that I've seen, but I'll definitely be checking out first episode and the others when they come out.
Keep up the good work guys!

JovialBackache responds:

Thank you for watching and for the kind words, keep an eye out as we have more content coming soon. :)

keep working but you may want to try to improve your story line and animation... couldn't see what was going on in those fight.

JovialBackache responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we had a few technical issues which we will sort out for the subsequent robot fights, so it won't be shaky.

Thanks for watching. :)

Man I hope this doesn't go any further.

JovialBackache responds:

You'll be happy to know that it will go further, 4 more episodes, thanks for watching. :)