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Dragon and the Zodiac

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Play the role of a dragon and save the animals of the zodiac in this action packed shooter! Get a new ability for each animal that you save.

Want to send along a comment or question? Please feel free!


Thanks to Vincent Colvin for help designing the backgrounds!



Mouse: navigate the menu
WASD: move
J: Shoot
K: Fire/detonate rocket
P: Pause

Alt Controls:

Arrow Keys: move
X: Shoot
Z: Fire/detonate rocket

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I love this cute little game with a great tune. :]

Rofl my fortune cookie is actualy right, I am going to sunny shores next vacation xD

I loved playing through this game, and the diversity of areas was very good; I loved the toy box stage in particular! The stories of the animals were very insightful, although they didn't make the nature of their power-up always clear the story always motivated to forge ahead. Great theme with a great game!

Great game, great music, wish I knew what the songs were called though.

A very kindly and amiable game. I like the style of the game.
Its cool that your universe in the game is based on a old chinese legend.

The last battle when you beat the big robot, you must fight against the cat in his mere rocket suite (and is beaten with one shot) is very funny!

Keep creating games.