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Project: stick_episode1

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squarion presents, Kingdom Hearts - Project: stick_episode1. Another chosen keyblade has been settled in the world of sticks. Our young hero Glenn must begin his adventure in this saga.

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^_^ good

Riffs I made,
Da menu, Shes on it too,
Hrmm he Couldn't take the keyblade form me I wonder.." If you can throw it? Or if you can make you power level go over 9000 with it THat works too...
Don't worry I used to walk through these woods all the time," Their were nice men who gave me candy.
Who is the mysterious man..." DOES he have candy?

XD Ok that was pretty fun to watch, The dialog was a bit odd at times and sometimes felt like it had the wrong feel to it but Meh it was still good. This is defiantly one of the more interesting things I've seen on here in a while and look forward to more, Thanks for making it :D

ok, good movie, and you did great drawings for a stick movie, i liked the character designs, the anime-style eyes, and hair, and the well-drawn weapons, and the keyblade, while the backgrounds were also good, and the fog effects, and the battle scenes were good.

also, the story, had some nice humour scenes, like the one with the letter, or the grandpas long narration.
tho, the story is similar to kingdom hearts at parts, and every new stick movie could use some originality man.
however, this story isnt exactly TOO similar to a kingdom hearts movie/game, so maybe there is alot of potential for this to become an original cartoon series....
so, in the next episodes, better focus more on an adventure with sticks, trying to liberate their homeworld from evil foes, and having original characters(like the protagonists friend, the red-hair dude with the uzi's, or the enemy with the straw-hat) and less K.H storyline.
tho, the keyblade idea should remain, just make everything else in the script different.

the movie was good, and the animayion quality and speed.
good movie for a series start, i enjoyed it, i justs hope that it will remain original and fresh story-wise in the next episodes, that is all.

keep it up!

Squarion responds:

Thanks for la review. I started out this project way back in 2006, but only started completing it now. We are just as cautious as you are to the storyline being too similar to the original KH, but I can guarentee that this isnt just a stick version and renamed Sora to Glenn, infact id consider Glenn to be completely different from Sora. The keyblade is practically the only thing kingdom hearts about it (no disney worlds, or familiar kingdom hearts faces like riku or kairi) . I hope you look forward to the upcoming episodes, as they will reveal the significance of the keyblade in this world, as well as many other mysteries.