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Retaliation is a new and original turn-based strategy wargame.
Do you enjoy the fun of playing Risk but you've often felt limited by its simplicity?
Are you curious about wargames but daunted by complex rules and extreme realism?
Then Retaliation is the game for you: easy to learn, fast to play and yet challenging and never repeating.

Both the casual gamer looking for a quick tank battle and the cunning armchair strategist desiring to find alternative ways to solve war scenarios will greatly enjoy playing Retaliation: simple rules but endless strategy.

The basic premise is similar to other turn-based strategy games: you conquer land to access resources needed to enlarge your army in order to be able to launch assaults and eventually vanquish the enemy. Depending on the terrain and layout of the particular map, different strategies will need to be used. Often the maps are not symmetrical and you'll need to use a very different strategy from the one the computer is using.

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This game only looks simple while actually is quite deep. But yes, basically it plays like a tutorial... But! a new retaliation game has been published, called Enemy Mine. Same mechanics as this one but with artillery and infantry and freeplay maps! main page enemy-mine.com and they have flash version too. Hope they put here as well...

xteamsoftware responds:

Thanks! Enemy Mine is the evolution of Path of War: fog war, 6 player, multiplayer, teams, over 150 maps, better AI.
The flash version is too big for new grounds ( about 30 Mb the limit is 20Mb )

It's one of the best strategy turn based, hex games on a site but it's like a endless tutorial and can be much better if fixed a bit more and add stuff like infantry and other stuff, but its still a fun game with lots of variables that make it a true strategy game.

Needs a lot of work. Interface is clunky and confusing, it took me a while to realise there were actual dice rolls happening up above. The tutorial kept telling me "roll as many dice as you have tanks" when I only had one tank. As soon as another tank of mine showed up, the tutorial had moved on to something else. Later on I had what appeared to be 2 tanks, but I was rolling 4 dice. Only then did it occur to me that the shield icon above the tanks (which I'd assumed was "armour" as is traditional convention) might have been the number of tanks in a battalion. A small tank icon might have been better there, or better still why not have the icons on the playing field look the same as the completely different icons in the tutorial window, which seem to be more informative and show the number of tanks as individual tanks.

Clicking on an enemy tank (which I thought would move my tank into range to attack) just skipped my turn entirely (why? There's a 'pass' button). It never seems to be explained just how combat is initiated. When I'm clicking the enemy it seem to skip to their turn, but then they attack me and it prompts ME whether to attack or not. It's all very confusing.

I got a 'flanking' buff despite both tanks facing each other.

I messed up a mission and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to restart. I found it eventually by clicking on the 'Combat' button, which sometimes says Move_Ment, and rather than initiating combat it took me to the most confusing settings screen I've seen in my life. I still don't know what half of that stuff does but I found the restart button eventually...

Speaking of interface...your music/sfx icons are the wrong way around in settings. There were a ton of greyed out OpenGL options too, which couldn't be activated (and I don't honestly know what they would improve on a largely 2D game. And you really ought to choose a font and stick with it. Are you going for the military typewriter look? Or the fancy modern look? There's quite a few visual styles going on and you would probably be better off choosing one (I'd recommend the military) and sticking with it instead of having space age fonts and buttons for some things and then tattered military fonts and grimy war-beaten paper style buttons for others.

That said it /looks/ as though it could be a promising game, but as it is it's too messy to keep my interest long enough to get to the so called strategy elements.

Oh and

xteamsoftware responds:

Indeed the documentation on the options is quite lacking and could be
improved. But it is not absent: try the "help" button from the main menu.

You can actually select the "multiple tanks" view (multiple tanks shown
instead of single tank counter + strength shield) in the in-game options
And from there you can also disable the "click 2 pass" option which you
found so annoying (it is nevertheless appreciated by other players as it
speeds up the game, expecially when playing on immersive UI mode, by
allowing clicking on the enemy in order to pass).

Lastly, all the documentation is available on the website,
http://www.path-of-war.com, both as web-pages and also as a exhaustive rulebook
in pdf.

Not great to be honest. Bizarre rules and wandering around with a tank, take a look at Hex and how it came about a turn based warfare game.

xteamsoftware responds:

The depth and potential of Retaliation is revealed gradually as you play through the missions tree.
The tactical aspects are introduced one by one, and then - from mission 35 - the strategical part is added.

Try not to stop at the first movement tutorial missions and you'll be
able to appreciate that it's definitely not aimless wandering :)

I can't do anything beyond to the title screen. I would like to try the game but I can't.

xteamsoftware responds:

Click to go on MAIN MENU, select MISSION and the first unlocked ( the 1 ).
If you have problems communicate to us your flash version and your system.

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2.77 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2014
11:12 AM EDT
Strategy - Other