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I Hate America

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Author Comments

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So I'm a little cynical... Get over it. I'm expecting people to be trying to cram as much abuse into each review as possible, and if you can go ahead. :) Before you go writing patriotic reviews, you should probably realise that 3767 civilians died in the first nine weeks of bombing in Afghanistan. Just under 3000 died in WTC. Eye for an eye you say? Then you're a true patriot. Americans are like Nazis - They truly beleive that they are the superior race.

-- From reading reviews I've noticed that most people are completely missing the message here. Good work is all I can say. One Reviewer put it exactly right when he said "Good point, too deep for the true American patriot" ---

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good work, but i think it's way too short, at least for me, it would be good if u included other things, i get your video, but i don't think it will ever get any higher rank, since those who can't look at their country from the perspective will destroy this video.

(i liked the Afghan part the most, let's kill them, they are not people :) )

But you see, this is not too deep for the patriot, it's to deep for the neoconservative nationalists. A real American patriot wouldn't start an aggressive war, it goes against Revolutionary ideals.


Would have been better if you mentioned a few other things, like homophobia, hatred towards immigrants, and the fact that being a nazi and a member of the kkk is legal.

Deeper Meaning.

Not bad, not bad. I have my views, both positive and negative on America. Now, I'm confused as to whether you intentionally made the terrorists in the video from Afghanistan, to further the controversial entering of that nation following the attack, or if you were misinformed. I dont blame you if you were, it's confusing. But it is supposed that of the 19 alleged attackers, 15 were Saudi, 2 Lebanese, 1 Egyptian, and 1 from The United Arab Emirates. That leads to the puzzling question as to why America sent troops to Afghanistan in retaliation. But I have a sense of humor, I think this was a bit funny. Well done.

I like the usa

being offended isn't funny at all.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2002
6:45 AM EDT