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Cyber Pink

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CyberPunk Jam Submission 5 Points

Just play this Game

Med1 5 Points

start level 1

Med2 5 Points

Start Level 2

Med3 5 Points

Start Level 3

Med4 5 Points

Start level 4

Med5 5 Points

start level 5

Med6 5 Points

Start level 6

Med7 5 Points

Start level 7

Med8 5 Points

Start level 8

Med9 5 Points

Start Level 9

Gold7 10 Points

win Level 7 with 3 stars

Med 17 10 Points

Start Level 17

Med1 Gold 10 Points

Win Level 1 with 3 stars

Med10 10 Points

Start level 10

Med10 Gold 10 Points

win with 3 stars level 10

Med11 10 Points

Start Level 11

Med11 Gold 10 Points

With level 11 with 3 stars

Med12 10 Points

Start Level 12

Med12 Gold 10 Points

Win Level 12 with 3 stars

Med13 10 Points

Start Level 13

Med13 Gold 10 Points

Win Level 13 with 3 stars

Med14 10 Points

Start Level 14

Med14 Gold 10 Points

Win level 14 with 3 stars

Med15 10 Points

Start Level 15

Med16 10 Points

Start level 16

Med18 10 Points

Start level 18

Med19 10 Points

Start level 19

Med2 Gold 10 Points

Win with 3 stars level 2

Med20 10 Points

Start Level 20

Med3 Gold 10 Points

Win with 3 stars level 3

Med4 Gold 10 Points

win with 3 stars level 4

Med5 Gold 10 Points

Win with 3 stars level 5

Med6 Gold 10 Points

Win with 3 stars level 6

Med8 Gold 10 Points

Win with 3 stars level 8

Med9 Gold 10 Points

Win Level 9 with 3 stars

Med15 Gold 25 Points

Win Level 15 with 3 stars

Med16 Gold 25 Points

Win Level 16 with 3 stars

Med17 Gold 25 Points

Win level 17 with 3 stars

Med18 Gold 25 Points

Win level 18 with 3 stars

Med19 Gold 25 Points

Win with 3 stars Level 19

Virtual Boxer 25 Points

Win the Game

Med20 Gold 50 Points

Defeat Boss with 3 stars

Author Comments

Any of your moves will make them move, dont let the pinkibots run out of the screen, dont touch a thing or BallBot will be turn off, use your mouse to win 43 medals you want in this funny Action Top Down Puzzle

Original Minimalistic Graphics and Music, my Submission for the CyberPunk Jam

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I recommend this game for those who like extreme difficulty

my palm hurts since level 12 =/

The idea is interesting, but the execution - not that perfect. The problem is hit detection. Many times I was absoulutely sure I wasn't touching anything, but the game decided that I got killed. On the other hand when I am standing just next to the enemy and using the sword, it works like this: hit - miss - hit - miss, only 1 in 2 attacks is a hit. Why? Also the enemies' projectiles can easily pass my sword even if I am currently swinging it and it is exactly in the same position as the projectile.

Munguia can u do a painting parody game with bugs?

It's so slow and you have to stop to kill the enemies

I did not like this as much as most people, but I still found it to be a very good game. The best part about it was how original it was. I appreciated all the nice colors too. Then again, there should have been some more details. It doesn't seem to have that much going on to make you eager to complete the rest of it. I'm glad other people had fun at least.

I wasn't sure how to play at first. I'm glad I found out you just had to move your mouse over the protagonist to get everything started. I liked seeing him get his little sword out. It is a pretty cool animation effect. While not too memorable, still good.