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SL Zombie ShotZ

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SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Zombies and Save Earth. Beware of the Eyeballs!

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My previous review was deleted, so I thought I would try again. This game was terrible, you should focus on either horror pop-up/flash videos, or arcade shooting style games... And work on them for an additional year before submitting them.

Basically an absolutely terrible version of Asteroids. So stick with that

ok game, but it needs:

-more space/moving area for the ship to shoot, the place was too crowded for me to shoot properly, and my ship kept dying after one point.

-needs an ''upgrade ship'' option. it will add more interest in the game, trust me.

-why the ''coins'' object was an ''enemy''? when i touched the flying golden coins, my ship died.
is a stack of coins a zombie enemy? that was confusing.

overall good game, but needs more stuff into it.

sloach responds:

thanks for you input. Your right about the coins, they shouldn't kill you. I will change this thanks.

Controls are too sensitive, you cant get a good control of the craft

Why is a space ship shooting coins, eyes and zombie heads

I'm assuming you haven't made these graphics as they are cut and pastes

The gun blast knocks you back, but then the rockets can't stabilise you back into a controlled flight.

No reason/story line, poor graphics, poor controls but I'll give you one star for effort.

sloach responds:

The gun blast knocks you back so you up arrow thrust to compensate. I have managed to get to 16 points myself. Thanks for your input. Yes the graphics need improving. Thanks for your input.

Alright, first? nice take on an asteroids game. I'm giving you two stars because you gotta work on your collisions.

sloach responds: