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Doggie Dash

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Avoid an endless barrage of flying obstacles while collecting ribbons. See how high you can score in this deceptively challenging game.

-Use your dash wisely, try to stay on the left/center of the screen as much as possible
-The more ribbons you get in a row, the higher your score increase will be for each one

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As a huge fan of the Red Dead Redemption franchise, it was pretty much a no brainer that a game with borderline the same template would not fail to please. Doggie Dash features a dog named dogie, who dashes to avoid obstacles in a seamlessly perfect game. All though not much of a story is given, the every day adventures of doggie provides some sort of insight as to where this magnificent story takes place.... with the planes dive bombing and rockets being launched (not to mention the birds flying in the opposite direction) it points to a post-apocalyptic society where the rapture has happened and now all of these unmanned planes are flying. Due to a life without parents Doggie has had to find a way to make ends meet for his wife and puppies... sometimes in less than favorable ways. Although he kept this away from them it was inevitable they would find out, his wife left with his kid, they had split custody. One day doggie went to go pick up doggie jr. from daycare, he begins walking... this day starts out like every other friday, something felt different though... as doggie stepped out his front door mayhem quickly ensued. Cars crashing, fires blazing, thoughts racing through doggies head he could only think of one thing.. he HAD to go get his son. With the daycare being about 5 blocks away he had two choices, either he could wait for things to die down, or he could fight through the chaos to go and save the one thing he cared about and possibly risk failing... It was an easy choice for him. Every block the mayhem seems to get worse... by the 4th block doggie could see the daycare around the corner, he dashes across the street and crashed through the doors, at last he thought... i made it. He slams open the doors only to find an empty classroom. His heart sinks into his stomach, his head rushing with thoughts. Maybe Jennifer took Doggie JR. early. He dashes out the doors and heads straight for his ex wifes house. the sights are maddening, people screaming. School buses on fire, is this judgment day he thought to himself, he had always heard the stories, but never believed it. As he nears Jennifer's house he hears screaming. "LET ME IN!" the voice shouts, "LET ME IN!!" again and again a baritone voice shouts, doggie peeks around the corner. A man is slamming the door of Jennifer's house, doggie sprints towards the door to take down the man planning his steps carefully, he's never been in a fight before. another man spots doggie and begins chasing him... Running Running Running, and then nothing. He wakes up, it is Saturday morning, he looks to his right, a picture of him and Jennifer and doggie JR. Doggie removes the covers cascading over him, he stands up and stretches, as he walks through the doorway he smells breakfast, eggs, sausage, and bacon. As he nears the kitchen he hears laughing, he turns the corner to see Jennifer and doggie JR. playing as fresh breakfast is sitting at the table. Doggie JR. turns, he is ecstatic to see his dad. "DADDY!" he yells, as he hugs at one of Doggie's legs. Doggie feels a sense of piece.... Jenifer comes over and joins in welcoming Doggie with a kiss, and then in a split second darkness envelopes him. He wakes up, lying in the street as he slowly opens his eyes he sees the door has been blasted open. He gets up and stumbles to the door, where he sees Jennifer lying on the floor. "They took him" she says, Doggie is unsure of what she means "Who?!" he says, "They took him to saudi arabia" Jennifer says. He feels a pool of warmth wrap around his knees, he looks down. A pool of blood is forming from an open wound on Jennifer's stomach. "You have to save him" Jennifer said, Doggie looks in the eyes of jennifer as she takes her last breath, her soul finally claimed. A single tear runs down Doggie's cheek. So that brings us to now, doggie is on his way to find doggie JR in saudi arabia, where he has been taken by Al Qaeda. Again 10/10 games full 5 stars. Great. Job.