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Wizland Arena

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Once a year the best wizards gather in the Arena in order to fight with each other. The best of them get glory and the Epic Amulet as a reward.

+ 4 wizards
+ Tournament and Survival game modes
+ 40 levels
+ 20 special effects
+ 8 upgradable spells and 4 staves
+ 9 enemies in 40 modifications
+ 30 achievements

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It won't let me move! I've lost every single freaking battle in this game. I'm pretty sure that I pressed the right buttons for my wizard to move but the only time the wizard did move was when he was hit so I got to move only four times! FOUR TIMES!!! I agree corac619 on this one, the spells do stink. Here's a suggestion(not to be rude or anything): change the wizards' movements to the regular moving buttons and maybe you'll get more likes. Also, put in some better spells.

Pretty nice game men, i enjoyed it very much.

The - is, its a "little bit too easy" go for shield and time and nothin can hurt you.

nice work

So, you have a medicore game here.There is no difference in the spells for the 4 wizards.They just look different and fire in different patterns.Oh, and the starting spells are different.Also, you need balancing.Januki is overpowered while Mortem is basically useless becasue he has the worst set of spells in the game.There is no "long range" spell.Sure , there is the Fire Ring but it's just...useless.The friendly creatures need some buffing.If they are to be effective you need at least 5 of them but it's impossible to achieve that number with 3 enemy wizards.An alternative is to reduce the cooldown for the spell.The Timeslow, Teleport, Heal and Airwave spells are clearly not damaging spells.In fact, the only spell combo that works is Shield - Poison because those are OP.The "epic amulet piece" thing is nice, since it adds an incentive to replay the game but doing so with Mortem seems close to impossible.As I already said, he is the worst mage of all and earns experience VERY slowly.Not to mention, that the game randomizes which spells you can choose to upgrade.I tried grinding in survival but it's next to impossible.the game is, also, advertised falsely.The wizards don't battle each other.It's all wizards versus one guy.The enemies attack the moment they spawn and they spawn for a second.This means that if I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time I am going to get hit.Add some increase in "spawning time" to correct this.Oh, and enemy "dogs" damage you the moment they jump, not when they get to you.Enemy wizards with the Airwave spell have insane cooldowns, which calls for a long-range spell yet again.There is no music, while the player is fighting and graphics/Sfx are medicore.2 Stars for now but a better sequel might help raise that.

elmortem responds:

My favorite spell - teleport and friends. I'll think about a sequel and balance in it. Thank you for your feedback. (:

P.S. For each wizard - 10 maps are unique.


I didn't know what to expect coming into this game, but I was pleasantly surprised. The game has smooth mechanics that never seem to fail - and it stays consistent throughout the levels and spells, and what-have-you. I enjoy upgrading spells and finding it actually does become more powerful, and you can feel it. The staff upgrades were my favorite, shooting 2, then 3 at a time like a magical machine gun. It definitely felt good to mow down waves of animals with just the staff and a spell combination.

You also threw in a nice replay value with the epic amulet pieces idea, bringing in the fact you need to beat it with all the wizards instead of just one. It gives the player something to strive for. There were a couple levels that seemed overwhelming and had me on the edge of my seat - blasting a group of wizards down with just some fireballs and a staff; while my health orb is blinking over and over - indicating my near death. It can get exciting.

I can't find much wrong with it, and whatever there is wrong - I'm sure you're already aware. I'll definitely be back to play this some more, and I hope to see it grow into something even bigger in the future.

All-in-all, great job;

elmortem responds:

Thanks for the nice review. Very inspiring.