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Damned 5 Points

Died 5 times in a row

First blood 5 Points

Attacked within first move

Defensive 10 Points

Shield gem was used 10 times

Nerd 10 Points

Scored 10,000 points

Reflexive 10 Points

Reflection gem was used 10 times

Tasty 10 Points

Energy gem was eaten 10 times

Fatal furry 25 Points

Death exhaust combo was used 3 times

Gem lord 25 Points

300 gems were collected

Gem strike 25 Points

4 gems in a row were matched

Offensive 25 Points

Damage dealt to 300 units total

Combo master 50 Points

3x+ combos were performed

Lucky 50 Points

Barely alive winner

Strategic mind 50 Points

Almost flawless victory (50%+ HP)

Game completed 100 Points

Defeat last monster

Upgrade completed 100 Points

All upgrades were applied

Author Comments

One day, Nazgul went to the earth in search of a new victim. Finally he has chosen a poor cat and took him to the dark kingdom of death. But there was one brave hero who decided to save the cat. His name was Meowra, and he always helped those who needed it...

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Finally got that 10000 poins medal! Why does the hardest medal (almost 4 hours replaying levels to get a lucky level design) only worth 10 points? . I barely got by getting 10044 points; it's literally wasting your time for a medal that doesn't even worth it.

Pretty good game but it does freeze up from time to time, so minus half a star for that. It's particularly annoying if you were having an extremely good run, then the game freezes (well, everything still moves but you can't do a turn and neither does the opponent). You just have to refresh the page and forfeit that run.

Hardest medal to get is definitely Nerd, though it's only a 10 points medal. You also have to plan out what to do to some extent, because what gives you the most money in a run isn't necessarily the same as what gives you the most score and vica-versa.

4 or more in a row is what gives extra turns, so if you keep getting 4 or more in a row, the opponent just never gets a turn or vica-versa.

Score is actually tricky because it relies on several factors, a major one of which is your max life and life remaining, but also highest combo. Well if you're just way overpowered you won't get very high combos because you'll just kill the enemy too quickly. But if you're way underpowered you might lose.

I currently have the highest score, and I didn't play it like this, but I hypothesize you could achieve the very highest scores (much better than mine) if you just didn't put any upgrades on attack, put all upgrades on health and shield, as this would drag out the battles longer (more max combo per stage possible without killing enemies too quickly) and also gives the highest max health possible, and just pay attention to trying to get those shields and hearts in-game.

Very cool enemies!

Right level of challenge. The movements are a little slow, if not boring, but really nice design on many myths otherwise unknown.

Pretty good the only real complaint I have is that you dont get our combo bonus if you kill them with the combo several times id get a 5-6 combo and get nothing because it killed him other than that not a bad game.

I must agree with people who were written reviews before me. This game is unbalanced a bit, but this aspect makes it challenging. Also, happened to me few times, that the game froze and neither boss nor me were able to make a move.

But I will not complain, I spend quite a good amount of time playing it. It's very addictive!
And nerdy medal is really nerdy ;)