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The mutant birthday cake

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It's a little boy's birthday, I wonder what he'll wish for...
Hey guys, so sorry about the massive wait for this one, it was a very big task, and I underestimated how long it would take, and how much homework would stop me from working on it. Nevertheless, enjoy the movie! Oh and a big thanks to my buddy Zeph for voice acting in it, he came up with the initial idea!

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Great as always. Something that I started doing recently in my drawings is putting a little space inbetween each leg. It really helps the look of my style and I think it would yours too.

brynimation responds:

Thanks for the great score and tip! I'll take that into consideration. Constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated!

The animation was very smooth, but you should work on making your characters a bit more different from each other.

brynimation responds:

Thanks, I appreciate that! I totally agree with you on making the characters less similar. Thanks for the tip!

Congrats on 300 views!

brynimation responds:

Thanks so much man! I really appreciate your support.

Wow dude.

I loved it, it completely overshot my expectations. There were lots of great jokes and visual gags, and the plotline's pretty funny to boot. I liked the fast pacing and humor, it was really entertaining.

Your artwork's good, though I do think it needs some refining. Like Pop-Tart said, it wasn't very consistent; there were a lot of gradients, and some characters were outlined while others weren't. I think the most important thing to improve here would be the color scheme, otherwise, the artwork is good.

The animation was great, though. There was frame-by-frame animation in every shot, and the characters were never stiff, which might be this flash's greatest strength. It was a joy to watch both animation-wise and writing-wise. Some of the animation (the dog, in particular) was fantastic.

Keep up the good work.

brynimation responds:

Thanks so much MistyEntertainment!
Yeah, I totally understand what you said about the artwork not being consistent, I regret animating the cake with gradients and no lines, I should have animated him with lines and solid colours like the rest of my characters. I'm glad you mentioned the part about the frame by frame and the characters not being stiff, because I really try to make the characters seem alive by making them move around while talking, and you noticing that means a lot.
Thanks again, I really appreciate you liking and reviewing my work!

Dude, the style was all over the place. Some graphics were outlined, some not... gradient abuse up the wazoo. But I kinda liked that about it.

There was a lot of really good animating with the characters. Lip syncs were very well done.

And it was pretty fkkn funny... both the dialogue and sight gags.

Honestly, it deserved a daily trophy. Keep working hard like you did with this... and I'm sure you'll get top 5 next time.

brynimation responds:

I totally agree with what you said about the style and gradients. I realized about two scenes from the end if the cake was drawn with a black out line, and coloured with solid colours.
But, as for the rest of the review...
Thanks so much man! I really appreciate it! Everything you said was extremely kind and encouraging, and what you said about it deserving a daily trophy is just such a great thing to say, I've never got one before, but just you saying that feels just as good as getting one! And this is coming from a newgrounds clock! You're essentially one of the Gods of my account, so I am very happy!

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3.04 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2014
5:28 PM EDT