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I make fun of how the world will end now that the store is closed. I've actually experianced a lot of cool stores closing in my life and it always sucks when they go.
I wanted to have this done on March 5th but had something come up. I can't believe how long it has been since I put anything here.


This is Funny...

Teddynotes responds:


Hahhahahaha "and everyone will get herpes"

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Teddynotes responds:

Well it is the end of the world. :) It burns!

not to be mean or anything but the video kinda can't be called a video. Sorry but it has no createtivity no action no excitement and it was like five seconds the only reason i clicked on it is because i like watching new things. this is problably an ok vid so im not gonna be a total jerk i'd like to see some other vids if you'd be willing to show me some anyways i'd hope to see you again future animator

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Teddynotes responds:

It is just a end of the world joke and I only thought to do it because of the store closing here.
Sorry you did not enjoy it.
I do have other animations on here that have more movement.

well lets see...

not funny, animation is crap, this video makes no sense.

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Teddynotes responds:

My humor is not for everyone. Sorry you didn't like it.
I wanted it more cartoony than realistic.
It is kinda random but it is mostly about the world ending and what happens when that happens.
"Zombies will rise. Babies will not be born. Cats will eliminate dogs and everyone will get herpes."

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Mar 9, 2014
3:42 PM EDT
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