One Button Vania

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A metroidvania game where you fight huge bosses, find new items, gain level and its all done with ONLY ONE BUTTON.

TO ALL PUBLISHERS: please publish my game on your site. It means the world to me. Here is a zip file with the SWF file, icons and images: http://cdn.mochiads.com/c/g/one-button-vania_v697518.zip

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Very clever. I love the environments and art, I love the mechanics and puzzles, I LOVE THIS GAME.

One exploit I found though was to hang out in the water level and jump between the screen with the long platforming and the screen with the sea shell. whenever I entered the platforming room, a new medusa head would spawn low enough for me to kill it and get dat cash, and then instantly turn around and go back into the sea shell room. doing this for a couple minutes can get you a couple cheap levels, and make the final boss super easy.

Also, can I just say how awesome the bossfight with the Devil was? Bullcrap platforming, but awesome nonetheless. I like!


I seem to have run into a glitch that I am unable to overcome. In the fire area, after the second skeleton, there is a ramp that the knight will treat a section of as a wall, resulting in him turning around. Because this screen has the click actions set to alternate between the shield and sword, I am unable to jump over the glitched areas. To make matters worse, the preceeding screen has the exact same click actions and a wall for the knight to bounce off of, leaving him stuck switching between those two screens.

Looking at some of your reviews, it seems that a rather rude person tried to point out the glitch, but his language seemed to leave you confused about which screen the glitch was on, as your response instructed him to jump to clear the area, while the area that both he and I encountered has no jump action available. So to make the glitch clearer, I've located a youtube video that shows the glitch in action.


I wish you luck in fixing this and in future games.

wonamik responds:

Thanks. This is so weird cuz I obviously played through the game hundreds of times while making it and this never happened.

Love the mechanics. Very creative. The double jump though is buggy as hell.

Yup , stuck in the fire level, try to go up slope but the knight keeps doubling back...shame...

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3.19 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2014
12:15 AM EST
Adventure - RPG