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Spilt Coffee

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A little short I wrote at work a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what else to say about it really, was just nice to work on something a little darker after finishing Sp00nage 2. Ive decided to release this short on NG a week before I release it on Youtube as an experiment and because I think this short is better suited to the NG audience.

Voices by
Blordow: www.youtube.com/blordow
Koolboyman: www.youtube.com/koolboyman


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This animation was great!

nice movie, i enjoyed it alot, despite the dark follow-up....
nice gloomy designs, clever use of the black-and -white, and a twisted sense of humour, but i liked this alot.
also the floating three-eyed skull was a pretty interesting character, keep it up!

nice work, GREAT drawings, smooth animation, and good voice-actin', be sure to do more things like this, my good man!

Gerkinman responds:

Cheers, im glad you liked it! Its definitely my favourite short from this year.

really awesome animation , any praise i could give im sure has already been given so well done

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks, im really glad you liked it. Its a short im very proud of :)

fuck. you should mass produce the skull as a children's toy. I'd buy it, and I'm 30 years old.

read: I'm a scorpio rising.

Gerkinman responds:

That'd be pretty awesome ha ha.

Loved it, just as it started to get a bit too serious it become funny! Keep up the good work.

Gerkinman responds:

Ha ha, im glad that change up in tone worked for you :)