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Author Comments

Lost in a wasteland, only shining objects let you cling to life. You get one life and one gift a day.

Some day, maybe, you'll get out of this place. Some day, maybe...
NOTE: The Game is still under heavy development, so please go easy on the judgement!
Z: Jump
X: Pick up
X: Use/interact
C: Drop/throw
Arrow Keys: Move
You have to collect the 7 light orbs in order to maintain life/light in the world. You are timed between each orb aqquiree. Also! - Be sure to watch your battery, this shows how much energy you have left, also pay attention to hunger, you will need to get food from the box, when hunger is low.

HP (Health)
Morale: (Motivation/spirit)

Current Version: BETA 2.0


Coming Soon:

Background Music, Additional Levels, Medals


Write a review/PM me if you want

Created By: J.P aka InnerCircleGames


I honestly like what you're doing here. There's not much to say about the controls and art style. They're simply what I expected and aren't bad. Exploring is fun.. at first, but then gets tedious and repetitive after a while. It kind of reminded me of Slender on how you're collecting a certain amount of things. The puzzles (that I've solved) were enjoyable to solve, like the gun one. I didn't really feel like I needed an explanation as to why I'm a bear stranded in a desert, but.. one would definitely be nice.
Now, onto some negative things. After a bit, I gave up. This shows, it's good to make your game hard, but don't make it too hard or else the player will decide to quit playing. I understand that it's supposed to be "unexplainably difficult", but you know... turn it down a notch. I also found a glitch while climbing a ladder. You can climb off the screen on a nonexistent ladder. I also absolutely hate that the rain kills you almost instantly! I know it's avoidable but if you're caught in it, you're screwed.
Back to good stuff doe. With a bit of tweaking, this could easily become a very addicting game. You just need to tune down the difficulty. The least you could do is slow down how fast the rain kills you.
But the thing that stood out to me the most here, is the atmosphere. The atmosphere is perfect. This is one of those games where I feel utterly scared and alone. And the lack of music only reinforces this.
Conclusion: Don't take any of the negative things personally. This idea has great potential. With just a bit of work, this could easily become a great work of art. Keep up the good work. ;3


Gun: Shoots bears and ghosts for battery power. Use to get the Bear Orb.
Battery: Drop by machine at factory for a good shortcut to Factory Orb, or use to restore battery power (not recommended)
Invincibility flower: use for protection from damage for a while. Use to get Bear Orb or Factory Orb.

Chicken: Restores about 1 day's hunger. With glitch, you can use it until you drop it, even though the sprite disappears.
Seed bag: Throw seeds, grow a plant. Unknown effect, possibly has something to do with rain.
Flashlight: Use for battery to see in the dark. Prevents loss of morale when getting the Cave Orb. Not necessary, though.
Lunchbox: Restores health. Pretty useless, since ghosts are easy to avoid and other things will just kill you.
Tall piece of wood: Useless, possibly a bug.

So, you're waiting on 2 of 3 good items out of 8, 2 of which might help you stall for time. Most likely you will get rained on or starve by then.


(Directions starting from Mailbox)

House Orb: On top of the shelter, can't miss.

Ledge Orb: Use Day 1's half day to pick up the ladder from the left of the mailbox, head right, and place it in front of the factory. Climb up, grab the orb, pick the ladder back up, then head left down the stairs, up, and right. Put the ladder back where you found it and head into the shelter just in time to avoid ghosts.

Factory Orb: Get the Battery, go right into the factory, climb the first ladder, drop the battery on the machine, the wall drops for easy access -OR- get the Flower, go to the second ladder, use the Flower to protect yourself from lasers and quickly go up, get the orb, and go back down before it runs out. If you use the Battery method, you can grab the Mud Orb in the same day before sundown.

Mud Orb: Go to the factory, drop down the hole, go right, drop down again, go left on the platforms, and just hop out of the mud constantly as you go left to the orb and back again. Go up, left, eat the berries on the way, up the ladder on the left, then left, up, right, back to the shelter.

Bear Orb: Get the gun and head left. As soon as you see the bear, shoot him twice before he shoots you. Hop over the gun he drops or you'll push the orb through the wall (bug). You can get the Cave Orb in the same day.

Cave Orb: Go left, drop down, go right, drop all the way down. Use the flashlight if you have it. If not, no biggie, just keep moving and you'll survive. Go all the way right to the orb and then back, hopping over spikes. Doing this midday gives you better light, but you can see the spikes and blocks no problem.

Cliff orb: Go down to the second floor and all the way left. Jump off to get the orb, then fall to your death. Get this last to win the game (theoretically).


Rain kills automatically and unexpectedly. Even with a solid plan to get all the orbs in three days, I still die, even with the right drops. Why? Rain. No protection, no survival, no fair.

Most of the items are pointless. The chicken is only supposed to feed you one day and the berries barely feed you a day total, so if you get any of the four other items, you starve. That is, unless the rain kills you first.

It's not a game of skill, it's an exercise of frustration. If you get the wrong items, you wait to die. If you get the right items, you get killed by rain. You've balanced bad luck with more bad luck.

Collision detection has so many problems. Why would you release such an unpolished game?

Exploration was fun for the first few runs, but after that it's just tedious to try and beat the game. With killer rain, it's just no fun.

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InnerCircleGames responds:

Go underground, otherwise you've been taking too long. The game is meant to be unexplainably difficult so don't rate it bad because you fail.

Controls Suck Ass, The Graphics Are Well Below Bad, The Gameplay Is Horrible.

the got dam controls are horrible! y u no make jump W? and climb summin else?

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InnerCircleGames responds:

you can move with arrow keys, thanks for the bad review (:

I enjoy the detailing of the map, and the character. But there is absolutely no storyline or anything explaining what I properly have to do to get these orbs. If you could add a storyline and maybe checkpoints or even more characters, that would be cool.

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Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2014
6:52 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle