Super Monster Truck Xtrem

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Collect coins to unlock and customize 9 trucks.

Race through desert, ice and prairie in 24 challenging levels! (more coming soon!)

Equip your truck with useful items to reach the goal in no time!


I like the music. The gameplay itself is average. The physics are nice. This is an average game.

the loading screen appears to have a big empty gray box on it for no reason, although perhaps it's an ad or an image and it's just not loading for me for some reason. maybe it'll have an ad at some point i dunno

the menuscreen only has two buttons, neither of which are options. the rest are other versions and 'more games'.

most of the game just has awful typography. use three fonts at most, three if you must, and don't clash moods. the title font is, to me, reminiscent of something involving robots, the 'treme' of Xtreme is fancy, and the fonts on the buttons are military-like, something you'd see on official documents. pick a mood and stick with it.

i like the interface, but it just doesn't fit very well with the rest of the game! it gives off more military vibes instead of... monster truck motorcross vibes! the games isn't very serious and it's more terrain than metal. i suggest something dirty and simple.

the music, to me, would be more fitting if this were a more, well, Teenagers With Powers Go On Adventures game. it's not, though. i like it and it's the only reason i'm giving this half a star. the sound when you hit signs or flip your truck over is extremely annoying, too.

visually, it's no stunner. it looks fine, but there's nothing that ties it all together! the levels look like they were stretched rather than drawn, and the background bobbing even if you aren't going over bumps looks ridiculous! PRAIRIE WAVES OHNO
the dust kickup doesn't look very nice, especially on the 'ice' terrain because... we're kicking up snow and ice! it should be white! not blue!

the gameplay... well, this isn't a racing game as advertised, unless you race ~*time*~. it's really just a motorcross game except with monster trucks. it didn't feel like you were driving a truck because it was just too light, flipped over too easily, and gained air too easily.
the level design, to me, is stupid and not very natural. what on earth could make so many bumps IN THE SAME AREA?

overall, not very fun or innovative, inconsistent, and doesn't feel genuine or exciting. it's just happy wheels with monster trucks. there's loads of room for improvement. there's also no mute button, which, as a person who can't mute their computer completely, i find annoying.

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2.50 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2014
12:46 PM EST
Sports - Racing