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Accidental Dirt Bike

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I made this silly little thing on accident while following the very first tutorial for TGF2. I figured I'd post it here as sort of a record of where I start and where I'm going. I know it's not a full game, but I figured I'd post it somewhere anyway.

Control with arrow keys, jump with shift. Jump through the rings! Earn points! Go through the portals!
(2000pts for second portal.)

Thanks for playing! More, less sucky games to come!



This does indeed look like an early prototype that shouldn't see the light of day; I mean - Newgrounds is for stuff that is above average quality, has slick and shiny graphics user interfaces and otherwise has polished controls and less mockup style quality. You have a mockup and can do better. Do not let the haters get you down though - we all start out fresh at somepoint and must deal with personal opinion before we get a released product. Good luck!

I can't see why you uploaded this. This is the kind of stuff you show friends in your early days as a game developer, but here it competes with actual good games. I'm sorry, but this is only a waste of space, cause the game is crap.

"Nothing rhymes with awesome".
Except every word ending with -some. Like, hundreds of them.

And, yeah, the game was pretty dumb, with huge collision glitches, but it's something. If I start making games, my first one may not be that good (but I will definitely keep it to myself).

Just felt boring to play, the whole side view dirtbike concept is kind of old now and the game as a whole didn't even feel that attractive to look at.

did you buy tgf2? there's a free version but mine expired even though it shouldn't have.

Emerest responds:

Yes, you will have to buy it along with the flash exporter. For some reason Clickteam isn't offering any demos right now, it's very odd.

If the time you've already invested in TGF2 isn't worth it, though, you could try learning Construct 2. It's event based and does HTML5 (which you can post here). It looks very similar, but the UI was a put off to me, I just like how TGF2 feels better.

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1.89 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2014
10:04 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other