Nora vs Zombies

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Nora vs Zombies is cool zombie shooter defense style game. World has been attacked by a deadly zombie virus. A small group of uninfected citizens have joined together to defeat the marching zombies. Nora is a zombie killer and their fiercest fighter. You must help her defend their underground stronghold and destroy the waves of attacking zombies! You have guns and a powerful zero energy defense tower. The tower will shock incoming zombies, but it takes time to rechange, so you will have to rely on your own zombie blasting skills.


This was a fun little game to play for awhile, I really enjoyed myself!

The bullet registration was good, the weapons are solid & I like the specials you can get too.

I will criticize the idea of charging you coins for firing the purchasable weapons; doesn't seem like a great idea to me. But seeing the comments, quite a few people have grilled you for it.

Like I said, I had fun playing this and I could see myself coming back to it now and again to kill half an hour!


Good looking game but upgrades and cost of ammo spoils it.
I like the idea of some cost for ammo and having to use the free-ammo pistols along with other weapons, but you really want keys to switch weapons fast to do this effectively.

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gamesr responds:

Thank you for your comment.

Not a bad game...it does have a few flaws like not telling you what the upgrades do...but you kinda get a vague idea from the pictures then see it in action in-game...however...the MAJOR gripe I have with this game is the charging coins for firing your upgrade weapons. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? I mean people buy upgrades to kill things faster, to make the game a little easier in higher levels...the way you have this set up it's like you're penalizing players for buying upgrades. Take out the charging coins for using your upgrades and I think you'd have a pretty solid game on your hands here and your rating might just go up...

gamesr responds:

Thank you for your comments. We must agree, upgrade system in online version is not perfect. The cost for bullets from upgraded weapons is made to keep the balance and make you use your skills. Ammo is not cheap nowdays ;)

I don't like the idea of charging coin for each shots fired. And I feel the price of each shots and their damages don't make sense.

gamesr responds:

Thank you for your comment. We tried to make it interesting.

The upgrade system is very flawed. No descriptions of what you are upgrading and no option to upgrade individual weapons. Also losing coins for using different weapons doesn't make any sense.

gamesr responds:

Thank you for your comment. Upgrade system seems to be very simple. It's all on one screen. Upgrade and add to your choice of weapons on top.

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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2014
5:45 PM EST
Action - Other