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Wage epic battles against your opponents in this rapid turn based strategy-puzzle game related to Othello and Go. Fortunes can shift rapidly from one side to the other in finely balanced play, but if you can end up with more guys on your side, you will be victorious.

Land next to your opponents to convert them to your side. Move just one space to grow into it. Move two spaces and you'll leap, leaving behind a hole in your defenses.

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I found this because you've been a firm favourite of mine since Hanna in a Choppa, and I'm shocked that a game like this from someone with your pedigree hasn't blown up and hit the front page yet. A very fun game with some very interesting challenges in the later levels.

Maybe you would consider allowing players to ratchet up the AI difficulty a little? It's a bit… dumb sometimes, occasionally missing the obvious killer move, which makes it far too easy to boldly stride into the fray and start decimating your opponent. If it's minimax, maybe consider a setting to let it look a couple ply deeper? The branching factor can get pretty high mid-game in some of the larger levels, but given how multiplying will naturally strand a few pieces, it probably doesn't get too bad… or does it? (Alternatively, you might be keeping that back for the app version of the game, in which case: I guess that works, because I'm kinda interested in buying it now. :P )

Oh, and the "pi pi eeeeeee" refrain at the end of each level earned me a few awkward over-the-shoulder looks from my husband. Did you really mean to make it *that* creepy?!

Anyway, another great game from a great developer. Keep up the good work, CMU; I look forward to seeing more from you!

Like "Spot" for the NES, but with more interesting levels. Neat!