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Dog Doctor - Kids Game

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Author Comments

One day poor little dog was chased by a kitten and fell out of the window.

Hurry, this cute fellow needs your help!

First dress up the Pet Doctor and prepare him for the work.

Then treat injuries of your little patient.

You will have to clean the bacteria, take X-ray pictures, put some band-aids and much more.

Start now – there’s a lot of work to do.

Make this sweet puppy happy and healthy again!

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DOG was chased by a KITTEN!, dude!

Kids game.
Shards of glass sticking out of a dog.

Just a bit messed up, but not a bad game, all in all.

I think it's a good game for very little kids.

I'll be tolerant because it's a kids game.
But to be fair, the game is awfully short, even for a kid !
The sounds were interesting, but a bit too much to me ; those bones cracks when you fix the pup's leg, that weird "crunch" noise when you remove the fleas, and GOD ! This DRILL NOISE when you put back the teeth ! Gave me the chills !
Anyway, not too interestion overal. The graphics were ok though.

Even if it is game for kids it's too easy. Do you really think that kids are so stupid they must be lead by the hand in such easy "game"? It just taking away all the fun.