"The Pigeonian"

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This came out from me screwing about in Flash for effectively the first time ever. After drawing the titular character with the brush tool, I thought "Hey, let's do something with it", and here we are.

In this flash, I wanted to do two things. One was to make a relatively entertaining flash, which I like to imagine I did. The second was to experiment with the different tools and get an idea on how to make the pictures in my head move. With Psychopath's considerable help, I feel I managed this somewhat.

With that in mind, sit down and enjoy the ride.

File Size: 769.8 KB
Frames Per Second: 12
Width: 550 Pixels
Height: 400 Pixels
Length: 00:00:19.380

Truly yours,


SINcerely yours,


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This made me chuckle at the whole "Circle of life" point to the short, probably would have worked a few more deaths in there though, say the worm gets eaten by a giant bird, giant bird gets eaten by something else etc, until you loop back around to the Pigeonien.

The animation was pretty bad, but it was smooth. This is your first attempt though, so that makes sense. Once you get a couple more animations under your belt, I think you'll see a massive increase in your skill (and ratings!)

The Audio was terrible, but I think that was part of the charm. Like the old "End of ze world" animation on eBaums world. Obviously as you progress, your audio will get more complex and sound much better.

All in all, well done on your very first animation, hopefully your next one is a little longer and a little better. That's all you can ask.

If be honest, I don't know why you have so big rating. I du no why I vote 5 but in any case this thing will show that not ewerything good that is top rated.
Hail to anarchy!

Keisok responds:

Neat, I got a rating by a nomadic tribe. My life is getting closer to completion.

It was weird as hell, but it made me laugh XD I think you succeeded with the "relatively entertaining flash" part. And yeah, you made it move, so that worked too. The animation consisted of an odd mix of styles which was quite jarring visually; after reading the author comments, it's no surprise to me that the titular character was conceived independently of the other aspects. If you make another animation with this same protagonist, I would advise making the lines thinner to fit with the style of the backdrop. You might also want to think about colour schemes and what kind of palette would be easiest on the eyes; at the moment the colours are very random and clash with one another. If you don't want to alter your protagonist's signature colour scheme, consider picking different colours for the backdrop to compliment him/her/it.

I'm no animator, but I would call it a fair start for a first animation and I hope that you make more animations with a bit of a plot to them :) I would like to see more misadventures from The Pigeonian. Assuming he/she/it survives the worm ;)

Keisok responds:

Thanks for both the feedback and the praise!

You have a good point with both how the Pigeonian looks off compared with everything and its color scheme. I could defend it as stylistic choice (and it partly is, since I wanted to keep it this way ;) ), but I do agree that the color schemes are somewhat jarring.

I might create more flashes on the world of Pigeonia, and I'll take the color scheme changes in mind if I return to this land.

This was terrible, you shouldn't post first attempts when they are this sub-par. The animation WAS somewhat smooth, but if there was any chronological story element at all, it was unidentifiable. The sound effects were bad too.

Keisok responds:

Well, at least you provide a couple reasons why you don't like this flash, I can respect that. First of all, thanks for the compliment on the animation, that took a bit of time and my co-contributor likely had something to do with it.

As for the story elements, well this did technically have a chronological story. Pigeonien walks up to a tree. It gets mad at the tree for reasons unknown (you decide!). It somersault kicks the tree in twain. It celebrates in victory. It gets eaten by the Sand Worm, paralleling what it did to the tree. I'm not trying to disregard your advice here, but I'm not really seeing the issue on this point.

As for the sounds, I can see the point somewhat, but the idea was that a lot of the effects were supposed to be intentionally bad, especially the wings flapping.

On the whole though, thanks for pointing out a couple of things to raise umbrage with.

It runs :/. other than that there isn't really anything good to say about this.

Keisok responds:

This review exists. I mean other than that, I can't say anything to acknowledge this as one. I mean, you didn't provide any real reasons why my flash failed. You could've pointed out at least a few issues you had with my piece, rather than provide such a useless response. After all, how the fuck can I improve if I don't receive feedback that tells me issue with my product?

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2014
8:34 AM EST