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Space & Lasers Prototype

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Author Comments

This game is prototype demo of what I want to create, have that in mind while playing this.

On our forum I provided detailed informations about this game. In short... It is inspired by Swords & Sandals game. Turn-Based RPG. I placed this in space and instead gladiator fights, you fight with your very own ship. I want give this game rpg-sandbox style. Dozens of ships to fly, galactic to discover, skill to learn, mission to complete, achievments to achieve, this are only few of features which I want to put all together.

If you want follow this project I recommend you to visit our forum, make your suggestions (we will add them straight to the game, so you are making this game with us!)

I provided this demo to show you, that we exist and game like this is in development. What you see here is nothing to compare with full project which we have documented.

I hope you like this idea, link to our forums are in game.

How to fight? After clicking on your ship, 3 dots will appear. Red dot means full attack, you attack with full power and you you leave nothing in your shields.
Yellow dot means normal attack, you attack with avearge power and you leave something in your shields
Blue triangle means shield. You attack for low amount of damage, but you leave much more in shields

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This is a demo, you should only upload complete games. Improve the graphics and include more content.

Like everyone said game have potential i hope it will be a good game :)

I belive this game has potential. It would be nice to see not only different kind of weapons, but also different kind of shields and armors. For example, you could have an S-Class ship wich has special shields tecnology, wich allows you to equip better shields than other usual ships, but can't use missiles and has low armor.
Weapons could have different ranges, for example, a powerful bomb wich has short range but causes a lot of damage to armour and medium damage to shields. Or a laser with infinite range wich causes almost nothing damage to shield and medium damage to armour.
Shields could have special abilities, like, for example, one could regenerate a lot each turn, but reset each turn, while other one could regenerate less each turn without "reseting" wich would allow to accumulate your shields strenght up to a limit.
There should be two or three different kind of ammunition. For example, you could have "missiles", wich are used for bombs and missiles; "bullets" wich are used for machine guns or something, and "energy", wich is recharged every turn and is used for lasers AND shields.
That gives me the idea of a ship called like "The Destroyer" wich would have no shields, but a perk wich would allow the ship to produce its own "low quality" bullets or missiles. Also, it would have an extra high armour and the ability to repair it very slowly.
I don't know, it sounds kind of complex, but if you could do that, something very good could appear.
Good luck! :)

As mentioned elsewhere, not a whole lot going on here, but sounds like you've a lot of stuff in mind.

As is, graghics are pretty weak, and the controls are quite small. But the music selection is pretty good, and the sound effects are decent.

For eventual combat, may I suggest that you and the computer both pick an action, and then they happen at the same time? A little thing like movement could become huge. Fire, and move a space up. If the other ship shot first, they'll miss you. However, if they moved up, then shot, they'll hit. Shoot twice, and risk the other ship didn't move. Move twice, and don't attack. Charge shields. Whatever.

Could also give a big range on weapon types. A regular shot that takes a little time to get to the other ship, so might be dodged. A wide shot that deals low damage, but hits a wider area. A fast shot that doesn't deal much damage, but cross the screen almost instantly, before a foe can move. A hard shot that rip thorugh armor, but does little to shields. An Ion shot that collaspes shields, but has little effect on armor.

Anyway, just some ideas thrown out there. Not knowing exactly what you have in mind, could be wildly helpful, or of no use. Either way, good luck.

NemesisQK responds:

Actually, combat system will get overhaul, thats for sure, and your idea for moving in combat is nice, but it destroys that S&S style which I want to keep. Anyway, missing target is what I apprecieate most. I forgot completly about it and as you can see in demo, every single laser hits the target. I need to think about nice dodge system.

About ammunition. It is planned to add, maybe even in this demo version before playable Early Beta.
If you have more ideas, feel free to visit our forums and write them, anyway thanks for feedback! :)

My Eyes Are Burning If I Read Long Descriptions! O_O